Dichotomius (Selenocopris) Burmeister 1846

Nunes, Rafael V. & Vaz-de-Mello, Fernando Z., 2019, Taxonomic revision of Dichotomius (Cephagonus) Luederwaldt 1929 and the taxonomic status of remaining Dichotomius Hope 1838 subgenera (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae: Dichotomiini), Journal of Natural History 53 (37), pp. 2231-2351 : 2239-2240

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Dichotomius (Selenocopris) Burmeister 1846


Dichotomius (Selenocopris) Burmeister 1846 View in CoL

( Figure 12 View Figure 12 )

Copris (selenocopris View in CoL ) Burmeister 1846ı p. 87

Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) Martínez 1951 View in CoL ı p. 140. (Type species: scarabaeus nisus Olivier 1789 View in CoL ı original designation) new synonym

Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) View in CoL Vaz-de-Mello 2000 ı p. 193

Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) View in CoL Vaz-de-Mello et al. 2011 ı p. 5

Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) Nunes View in CoL & Vaz-de-Melloı 2013ı p. 411

Type species. Copris bicuspis Germar 1824 View in CoL ı designated by Martínez (1951) [ZMHB] ( Figure 12 View Figure 12 (a)). When Burmeister (1838 – 1846) erected selenocopris as subgenus of Copris View in CoL ı he did not indicated a clear type species. After naming selenocopris ı he cited some African Copris View in CoL ı several tropical american species such as Copris boreus , C. carolina View in CoL (currently belonging to Dichotomius View in CoL s. str.)ı C. nisus View in CoL , C. crinicollis View in CoL (assigned to Luederwaldtinia View in CoL until this work) and C. bicuspis View in CoL . Luederwaldt (1929) placed all Dichotomius View in CoL species with clypeal teeth but lacking clypeo-genal angle (some with abundant ventral hair) in the subgenus selenocopris; while all species having clypeo-genal angle with glabrous abdomen were assigned to the subgenus Cephagonus . Howeverı Luederwaldt never designated a type species for the subgenera that he proposedı so Martínez (1951) designated a type species for selenocopris but based on non-typeı miss-identified specimens. He considered the type species of selenocopris D. (s.) bicuspis (Germar) View in CoL as having clypeal genal angulation (‘ ... el borde lateral del clípeo que es de transición entre rotundigena en el que no es marcado y bicuspis View in CoL ı donde lo forma un ángulo aparente. ’). Neverthelessı Germar ’ s description (‘ ... clypeus rotundatus ı marginatusı apice acute marginatus. ’) and C. bicuspis View in CoL holotype examination clearly reveal an inconsistency with what Martínez was calling D. bicuspis View in CoL . This mistake is probably a replication of Luederwaldt´s misidentification of this species as most of the specimens that Luederwaldt (1922 ı 1926 ı 1929 ı 1936)ı Pereira (1944) and Martínez (1951) named with the specific name ‘ascanius’ (including some subspecies and varieties) are actually D. bicuspis View in CoL .

Diagnosis. separated from other Dichotomius subgenera by the following combined characters: clypeal teeth presentı more or less strong; lacking clypeo-genal angle; clypeal and genal margin curved; ventral clypeal process bifurcated and female sixth ventrite three times to four times larger than the fifth ventriteı not modified medially.

Representatives. we have revised the brachypterous species and some species groups of this subgenus but still under the name of Luederwaldtinia ( Nunes & Vaz-de-Mello 2013). It has the following species groups: D. agenor ( Harold 1869) (currently under revision)ı D. assifer ( Eschscholtz 1822) (revised by Nunes et al. 2016)ı D. batesi ( Harold 1869) (under revision)ı D. bicuspis ( Germar 1824) (taxonomic revision close to completion)ı D. carbonarius (Mannerheim 1829) ı D. crinicollis ( Germar 1824) (under revision)ı D. eucranioides Pereira & D ’ Andretta 1955 (under revision)ı D. geminatus (Arrow 1913) (taxonomic revision close to completion)ı D. inachus ( Erichson 1847) ı D. sericeus ( Harold 1867) (revised in Valois et al. 2017)ı D. speciosus ( Waterhouse 1891) (revised in Maldaner and Nunes 2015). This subgenus also includes the isolated species D. muticus ( Luederwaldt 1922) ı D. nisus (Olivier) (currently in revision) and D. superbus (currently in revision) ( Felsche 1901). The taxonomic work in this subgenus is advanced; howeverı three critical groups ( carbonarius , batesi and inachus ) need urgent revision.














Dichotomius (Selenocopris) Burmeister 1846

Nunes, Rafael V. & Vaz-de-Mello, Fernando Z. 2019

Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) Martínez 1951

Martinez 1951

Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia)

Martinez 1951

Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia)

Martinez 1951

Copris (selenocopris

Burmeister 1846


Olivier 1789
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