Schizoptera (Odontorhagus) commodus ( McAtee and Malloch 1925 )

Leon, Stephanie & Weirauch, Christiane, 2016, Scratching the surface? Taxonomic revision of the subgenus Schizoptera (Odontorhagus) reveals vast undocumented biodiversity in the largest litter bug genus Schizoptera Fieber (Hemiptera: Dipsocoromorpha), Zootaxa 4184 (2), pp. 255-284 : 267

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4184.2.2

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Schizoptera (Odontorhagus) commodus ( McAtee and Malloch 1925 )


Schizoptera (Odontorhagus) commodus ( McAtee and Malloch 1925) View in CoL

( Figs 2 View FIGURE 2 , 5 View FIGURE 5 A – L and 7)

Schizoptera (Odontorhagus) commodus McAtee and Malloch, 1925: 67 View in CoL , 17 (orig. descr.).

Diagnosis. Distinguished among species of Schizoptera (Odontorhagus) by the elongate, ovoid body shape, flat head, the small, the single hook-like process of the subgenital plate (sVII), the tapering and serrated right conjunctival appendage, and the pronged left conjunctival appendage.

Holotype: GUATEMALA: Izabal: Livingston , 15.8333 ° N 88.75 ° W, 0 9 May 1906, Barber and Schwarz, 1Ƌ (00028603) ( USNM) GoogleMaps .

Re-description. Male: length: 1.22–1.31 mm; body elongate ovoid. COLORATION: general coloration light brown; fuscous patch absent; Sc+C concolorous with remainder of hemelytra ( Fig. 2 View FIGURE 2 ). SURFACE AND VESTITURE: as in subgeneric description. STRUCTURE: HEAD: flat ventral view ( Fig. 2 View FIGURE 2 ); eyes about 2/3 as wide as synthlipsis. THORAX: as in subgeneric description; hemelytron as in subgeneric description; M2 vein straight, anterior membranal cell triangular. ABDOMEN: as in subgeneric description; stVI without process on posterior margin; subgenital plate weakly asymmetrical; process of subgenital plate hook-shaped, pointing caudally ( Fig. 5F View FIGURE 5 A – L ); tVII trapezoidal; tVIII weakly trapezoidal and distinctly sclerotized; length of tVIII about 1/2 length of tVII. GENITALIA: py as in subgeneric description; rp as in subgeneric description with a tapering stem and pointed tip; lp crescent shaped in dorsal view ( Fig. 5F View FIGURE 5 A – L ); rca elongate, with smooth base and serrated tip; lca about 1/3 length of rca, with two visible thick prongs; vesica uniformly cylindrical and thin, forming a single coil; anophore as in subgeneric description with a triangular process on dorsal wall ( Fig. 5F View FIGURE 5 A – L ).

Female: Unknown.

Distribution. Known from the department of Izabal in northeastern Guatemala and the Cayo district in central Belize ( Fig. 7).

Other material examined. BELIZE: Cayo: British Honduras: Cayo Dist Mile 66 , Western Highway, 17.20228 ° N 88.64395 ° W, 30 Jun 1969, 1Ƌ (00091587) ( FSCA) GoogleMaps ; 0 3 Jul 1969 1Ƌ (00091739) (FSCA); 0 7 Jul 1969, 2 Ƌ (00091618, 00091601), 1♀(00091620) (FSCA); 0 6 Jul 1970, 1Ƌ (00091719) (FSCA).


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History


Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology














Schizoptera (Odontorhagus) commodus ( McAtee and Malloch 1925 )

Leon, Stephanie & Weirauch, Christiane 2016

Schizoptera (Odontorhagus) commodus

McAtee 1925: 67
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