Symphylella Silvestri, 1902

Jin, Ya-Li, Bu, Yun & Jiang, Yue, 2019, Two new species of the genus Symphylella (Symphyla, Scolopendrellidae) from Tibet, China, ZooKeys 845, pp. 99-117 : 100

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Symphylella Silvestri, 1902


Genus Symphylella Silvestri, 1902

Type species: Symphylella isabella (Grassi, 1886)


Central rod on head broken and distinct in both anterior and posterior portions. Antennae with 14-22 segments. Trunk with 17 tergites or fewer, with the first tergite vestigial. Triangular processes present on posterior margins of 13 tergites. Belts of longitudinal striae between processes absent. First pair of legs vestigial, as small protuberances with a few setae. Styli rudimentary. Coxal plates with sacs only present on 3 rd– 9th legs. Cerci relatively long, terminal area with transverse stripes, ending in a single long seta ( Bagnall 1913; Szucsich and Scheller 2011).


The genus Symphylella currently includes 47 extant subcosmopolitan species ( Szucsich and Scheller 2011; Jin and Bu 2018). It has previously been recorded from China, but the species have never been identified ( Zhang and Wang 1992).