Tylodinus zilchi Kuschel 1956

Luna-Cozar, Jesús, Anderson, Robert S., Jones, Robert W. & León-Cortés, Jorge L., 2014, A taxonomic monograph of the genus Tylodinus Champion (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Cryptorhynchinae: Tylodina) of Chiapas, Mexico, Zootaxa 3788 (1), pp. 1-63 : 15-16

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.3788.1

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Tylodinus zilchi Kuschel 1956


2. Tylodinus zilchi Kuschel 1956 View in CoL

( Figures 9 View FIGURES 1–11. 1–5 , 30–31 View FIGURES 28–35 , 99 View FIGURES 92–99. 92–99 , 130 View FIGURES 130–131 )

Tylodinus zilchi Kuschel 1956: 323 View in CoL , fig. 1–2, table 44 fig. 1; O’Brien and Wibmer 1982: 139.

Diagnosis. Length male 7.9–9.9 mm, female 9.2 mm. Width male 4.6–5.0 mm, female 5.0 mm. As for T. nodulosus with following exceptions: body 2.1x longer than wide. Vertex with two patches of yellow scales. Pronotum without protuberance in middle part of pronotal disc, with longitudinal carinae, sometimes absent or feeble, punctures inconspicuous, granules weak, more widely spaced on posterior area, longer and denser on anterior area. Elytra strongly granulate; with tubercles as follows: I1 with subbasal swelling; I2 with two tubercles: first small and elongate, subbasal, second slightly larger and more round than first, at middle of elytra; I3 with two large, elongate tubercles, first subbasal, second at base of elytral declivity, wide, encompassing interval 4; I5 with three tiny tubercles, first subbasal, second at middle of elytra and third at base of elytral declivity; I7 with small subbasal tubercle. Metasternum and ventrite 1 with setigerous scales, ventrite 1 with large punctures and two protuberances forming lobes, less high in females, suture between ventries 1 and 2 carinate, ventrite 2 with large punctures only at anterior margin and on flanks, surface with fine granules. Femora weakly armed, male with front femora unarmed. Male genitalia ( Figure 99 View FIGURES 92–99. 92–99 ) in ventral view with lateral sides convergent; apical process 0.08x as long as median lobe, sides parallel. Female genitalia with tergite eight trapezoidal, apex obtuse; sternite eight trapezoidal, apex not constricted, median membranous area one-half as long as basal plate, spermatheca shallowly curved, outer margin of corpus not curved or slightly curved, ramus indistinct, nodulus slender.

Comments. In 2011 the second author examined a paratype of this species housed in the Landcare Collections in Auckland, New Zealand. It matches the Honduras specimens listed below and we have no doubts as to species identity .

Geographic distribution. El Salvador and adjacent Honduras

Habitat and elevation: Specimens were collected in cloud forest between 1600–1900 m.

Derivation of the specific name. Patronym, named by Guillermo Kuschel in honor of Dr. A. Zilch, a weevil collector.

Material examined. Total 6 males, 1 female. Honduras: Lempira, Gracias, Cerro de Puca , elev. 1600 m (14°43'22.8''N, 88°34'37.2''W), 2.vii.1994, coll. Roberto Cordero — 1 male ( CMNC) GoogleMaps ; Ocotepeque, El Portillo, Guisayote , elev. 6000 feet, 7.x.1993, coll. Robert H. Turnbow Jr. — 1 male ( CMNC) ; same locality, 21–22.v.1995, coll. Roy Morris — 1 male ( CMNC) ; same locality, 26.ix.1995, coll. Frank T. Hovore — 1 male ( CMNC) ; Guisayote , 21.v.1995, coll. James E. Wappes — 1 female ( CMNC) ; Reserva Biologica Guisayote , elev. 2180 m (14°25'46.86''N, 89°3'44.06''W), 2.vii.1994, coll. B. Ratcliffe, M.L. Jameson, R. Cave — 1 male ( CMNC) GoogleMaps ; Sinuapa, Guisayote , 6.viii.1994, coll. Roberto Cordero — 1 male ( CMNC) .


Tavera, Department of Geology and Geophysics


Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile














Tylodinus zilchi Kuschel 1956

Luna-Cozar, Jesús, Anderson, Robert S., Jones, Robert W. & León-Cortés, Jorge L. 2014

Tylodinus zilchi

O'Brien, C. W. & Wibmer, G. J. 1982: 139
Kuschel, G. 1956: 323
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