Tylodinus nodulosus ( Boheman, 1837 )

Luna-Cozar, Jesús, Anderson, Robert S., Jones, Robert W. & León-Cortés, Jorge L., 2014, A taxonomic monograph of the genus Tylodinus Champion (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Cryptorhynchinae: Tylodina) of Chiapas, Mexico, Zootaxa 3788 (1), pp. 1-63 : 15

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.3788.1

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Tylodinus nodulosus ( Boheman, 1837 )


1. Tylodinus nodulosus ( Boheman, 1837) View in CoL

( Figures 28–29 View FIGURES 28–35 )

Acalles nodulosus Boheman 1837: 330 View in CoL . Tylodes nodulosus View in CoL ; Schoenherr 1844: [408]. Tylodinus nodulosus View in CoL ; Champion 1905: [464, lam. 22, figs. 26, 26 a–b.]; Blackwelder 1947: 860; O’Brien and Wibmer 1982: 139.

Diagnosis. Length male 8.6 mm. Width male 5.2 mm. Body 1.8x longer than wide, clothed with decumbent brown scales and suberect yellow to light brown scales. Rostrum with short scales, as long as or slightly longer than punctures, punctures contiguous on head, becoming more widely spaced towards rostrum, vertex with scales longer and narrower than those of head, yellow to light brown, overlapping; smooth area of rostrum puncticulate. Pronotal disc with broad excavation at anterior section, encompassing most of median section, narrow at posterior section, with protuberance in middle part of pronotal disc, with longitudinal carina along median line that divides protuberance into two parts. Elytra with basal margin strongly sinuate, surface granulate; punctures small, moderately shallow. Elytra with tubercles as follows: I2 with two small tubercles: first at middle of elytra, second at base of elytral declivity; I3 with two large, elongate laminate tubercles, first subbasal and second in front of declivity, merged with tubercle on I2; I5 with three tubercles: first small and subbasal, second at middle of elytra and slightly longer than tubercle on I2, third very small, in front of elytral declivity, I6 with tiny tubercle at base of elytral declivity, I7 with small subbasal tubercle, I9 with very small tubercle in same position as tubercle on I7. Abdomen with suture between ventrites 1 and 2 carinate, ventrite 2 as long as 3–4 combined, 3–4 convex. Male genitalia not examined.

Comments. We examined a single male of this species from the collections of the Natural History Museum, London. Despite examination of extensive collections from throughout México no other specimens were available.

Geographic distribution. México, no other locality data on label.

Habitat and elevation: No information.

Derivation of the specific name. Boheman (1837) did not indicate the derivation of the specific name nodulosus , but it probably derived from Latin meaning having small nodes or knots.

Material examined. Total 1 male ( BMNH).“ Mexico ”. No other locality data on label .














Tylodinus nodulosus ( Boheman, 1837 )

Luna-Cozar, Jesús, Anderson, Robert S., Jones, Robert W. & León-Cortés, Jorge L. 2014

Acalles nodulosus

O'Brien, C. W. & Wibmer, G. J. 1982: 139
Blackwelder, R. E. 1947: 860
Boheman, C. H. & Schoenherr, C. J. & Gyllenhaal, L. 1837: 330
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