Amblyraja cf hyperborea

M. A. Treloar, L. J. B. Laurenson & J. D. Stevens, 2006, Descriptions of rajid egg cases from southeastern Australian waters., Zootaxa 1231, pp. 53-68: 58

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Amblyraja cf hyperborea


Amblyraja cf hyperborea   - Boreal skate

(Fig. 2)


Widely distributed throughout temperate parts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Occurs in depths to 2500 m. Fairly common in southern Australian (particularly off Tasmania) and New Zealand waters, occurring in depths of 1300-1500 m (Last and Stevens 1994).


Egg case large, broad, rectangular (Table 1); colour dark brown; narrower at posterior end. Ventral side fairly flat; dorsal and ventral sides covered with fine fibroids. Lateral keel> 20% maximum width. Attachment fibres absent; posterior horns depressed,> BL, tapering out to fine hairs. Anterior horns short; posterior apron length> 25% BL. Anterior apron length <posterior apron length.