Homotropus coloratus,

Klopfstein, Seraina, 2014, Revision of the Western Palaearctic Diplazontinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae), Zootaxa 3801 (1), pp. 1-143: 63-64

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Homotropus coloratus


Homotropus coloratus  ( Hellén 1949, Diplazon  ) (comb. nov.)

Diagnosis. (Male unknown). Fore wing length 4.9 mm. Female antenna with 18 flagellomeres, with multiporous plate sensilla also present ventrally. Face strongly coriaceous, with punctures indistinct. Mesopleuron strongly coriaceous, weakly but densely punctate over almost entire surface, smooth only around mesopleural fovea. Mesoscutum finely coriaceous, especially on median part, with weak but dense punctures. Hind coxa with hind surface coriaceous and matt. Fore wing areolet closed, vein 3 rs-m at least partly pigmented. Propodeum with carination reduced to hind part of lateral longitudinal carina, transverse and pleural carinae lacking; coriaceous over entire surface. Female metasoma dorsoventrally depressed, more tapered towards apex. First tergite with median dorsal carinae absent and without any wrinkles, 1.2 times as long as wide; second tergite without longitudinal wrinkles, in females 0.8 times as long as wide, second tergite 0.95 times as long as first tergite; spiracle of third tergite on dorsal part, above lateral fold.

Colouration of females. Antenna orange. Head black, yellow over entire face, clypeus and mouth parts; mesosoma orange, with dark colouration restricted to sutures between some sclerites, i.e. front and upper part of mesopleuron, metascutum, around wing bases, and apex of propodeum. Yellow on entire propleuron and pronotum, broad line over mesopleuron, tegula, shoulder marks, mesepimeron and lower metapleuron. Fore and mid legs yellow to orange, all coxae yellow, hind trochanter dark, hind femur orange, hind tibia white with apex dark, hind tarsus white. Metasoma orange, with black at the bases of tergites 1 to 3.

Material examined. Holotype of Diplazon (Homocidus) coloratus Hellén  : Portugal, Madeira, Ribeiro Frio, leg. Frey, 3. V. 1 ♀, at FMNH.

Notes. I could only examine the female holotype of this species, the male is unknown.


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