Apterobiroina L. Papp, 1979

Papp, László, 2021, New Species Of Apterobiroina L. Papp And Bentrovata Richards (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae) From Australia, Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 67 (2), pp. 101-117 : 103-105

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https://doi.org/ 10.17109/AZH.



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Apterobiroina L. Papp, 1979


Apterobiroina L. Papp, 1979 View in CoL

Apterobiroina L. Papp, 1979: 370 View in CoL .

Type species: Apterobiroina australis L. Papp, 1979: 371 View in CoL .

The extended description of the genus is given below.

Head. Head wide with small but distinct ocelli, gena wide. Frons without silvery stripes, i.e. unicolourous. Head setae uneven: oc seta long, vti long and thick, vte minute, 2 latero-clinate ors and 4 pairs of ifr present. Vibrissa strong and long, pm setae weak, no strong genal seta.

Thorax. In dorsal view, very wide dorsal to mid coxae. Posterior part of mesothorax and whole metathorax are with a deep, subcylindrical vertical emargination ( Papp 1979: fig. 9), which embraces mid and hind femora when at rest. Thoracic chaetotaxy: 1 ppnt, 2 np, and 1 pair each of prsut, sa, small pa and dc setae. 1 pair of thin kepst. Scutellum very short (about 3 times broader than long), with 2 pairs of strong sc setae. Acrostichals short and numerous. All species are wingless, and only A. australis and A. flavipes have halteres, those are small.

Legs. Short and more or less thickened. Mid tibia with a strong va, no mid ventral seta. Antero-dorsal and postero-dorsal setae are paired at basal 1/3 and at about apical 4/5. Hind tibia without dorsal preapical seta.

Abdomen. Barrel-shaped, in males only slightly shorter than head and thorax combined. Preabdominal tergites and sternites extremely strongly developed (sclerotised) and meet laterally. Both males and females with 5 visible preabdominal segments (tergites and sternites). Tergites covered by dense thin, and moderately long microchaetae. Articulation of abdomen to thorax is comparatively broad.

Male genitalia ( Figs 1–15 View Figs 1–6 View Figs 7–15 ). See in the above key.

Female genitalia. Tergites 6–9 wholly membranous. Epiproct weakly sclerotised with a pair of dorsal setulae ( Figs 16, 18 View Figs 16–20 ). Cerci longer with longer setae ( Figs 16–18 View Figs 16–20 ); its apical seta about 0.05 mm. Hypoproct U-shaped, very thin. Sclerotised duct of paired spermathecae comparatively short, duct of single spermatheca also comparatively long. Spermathecae better sclerotised and with a large bulb on initial section of duct ( Figs 19–20 View Figs 16–20 ).












Apterobiroina L. Papp, 1979

Papp, László 2021

Apterobiroina L. Papp, 1979: 370

PAPP, L. 1979: 370
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