Haemaphysalis canestrinii ( Supino, 1897a ),

Guglielmone, Alberto A., Petney, Trevor N. & Robbins, Richard G., 2020, Ixodidae (Acari: Ixodoidea): descriptions and redescriptions of all known species from 1758 to December 31, 2019, Zootaxa 4871 (1), pp. 1-322: 155

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Haemaphysalis canestrinii ( Supino, 1897a )


25. Haemaphysalis canestrinii ( Supino, 1897a)  .

An Oriental and Palearctic species whose adults are usually found on Carnivora  : Canidae  , Felidae  and Viverridae  . Adults alone have been collected from Carnivora  (several families), and Lagomorpha  : Leporidae  ; adults and presumably nymphs have been taken from Galliformes  : Phasianidae  ; nymphs have been collected from Viverridae  , Rodentia  : Sciuridae  and Muridae  , and Scandentia  : Tupaiidae  ( Guglielmone & Robbins 2018, Zhang, Y. et al. 2019). There are no records of Haemaphysalis canestrinii  causing human parasitism.

M: Supino (1897a), under the name Opisthodon canestrinii  and given its current status in Neumann  (1897)

F: Hoogstraal (1971a)

N: Hoogstraal (1971a)

L: unknown


M: Hoogstraal (1971a), Tanskul and Inlao (1989), Teng and Jiang (1991), Geevarghese and Mishra (2011), Sun and Xu (2016)

F: Tanskul and Inlao (1989), Teng and Jiang (1991), Geevarghese and Mishra (2011), Sun and Xu (2016).

N: Teng and Jiang (1991), Geevarghese and Mishra (2011)

Note: Camicas et al. (1998) treat Haemaphysalis canestrinii  as an Oriental species, but Guglielmone et al. (2014) list this taxon as Oriental and Palearctic. Diagnoses of Haemaphysalis canestrinii  made prior to the descriptions and redescription of Hoogstraal (1971a) are uncertain due to the difficulties involved in properly identifying this species, which was treated as a synonym of Haemaphysalis leachi  and a lectotype of Opisthodon canestrinii  (= Haemaphysalis canestrinii  ) depicted under the name Haemaphysalis leachii in Hoogstraal and Trapido (1966a)  .