Orectochilus villosus seidlitzi Jacobson, 1908

Fery, Hans & Hájek, Jiří, 2016, Nomenclatural notes on some Palaearctic Gyrinidae (Coleoptera), Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 56 (2), pp. 645-663: 656

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Orectochilus villosus seidlitzi Jacobson, 1908


Orectochilus villosus seidlitzi Jacobson, 1908  

SEIDLITZ (1887: 117, 118) keyed in his ‘ Bestimmungs-Tabelle ’ the genus Orectochilus   , including Orectochilus involvens Faldermann, 1836   . However, RÉGIMBART (1892: 708) doubted Seidlitz’s interpretation of the taxon and suggested that it might be another species which he called ‘ Orectochilus involvens   Seidlitz’. This is formally an unavailable name; however, JACOBSON (1908: 439) interpreted it as a junior homonym of Faldermann’s name and replaced it with ‘ Orectochilus villosus var. seidlitzi   nom. nov. ’ This name was subsequently mentioned also in the ‘ PalCat ’ as a replacement name, and as a junior subjective synonym of O. v. villosus   . However, because JACOBSON (1908) used in his book both terms ‘ssp.’ [= subspecies] and ‘var.’ [= variety] (see e.g. ‘ Orectochilus villosus ssp. bellierei   ’), it is clear that he proposed the name ‘ var. seidlitzi   ’ for an infrasubspecific entity, and thus this name is unavailable according to Article 45.6.1 of the ICZN (1999). Therefore, this name will not be included in the new edition of the Palaearctic Catalogue.