Cryptocarya septentrionalis, Werff, 2008

Werff, Henk Van Der, 2008, A new species and new combinations in Cryptocarya from Madagascar, Adansonia (3) 30 (1), pp. 41-46 : 45

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Cryptocarya septentrionalis


Cryptocarya septentrionalis  

Van der Werff, nom. nov.

REPLACED SYNONYM. — Ravensara gracilis Kosterm., Notulae Systematicae   8: 101 (1939), non C. gracilis Schltr. (1906)   .

TYPUS. — Madagascar. Prope Diego Suarez , 1937, Ursch 96 (holo-,   P).


This species is easily recognized by its narrowly elliptic to narrowly obovate leaves with an obtuse apex. Its leaves are quite similar to those of Beilschmiedia madagascariensis (Baill.) Kosterm.   and Potameia incisa Kosterm.   , but this species differs in flowers (with nine 2-celled stamens and a deep receptacle) and fruits (fully enclosed by the recep- tacle). The new name refers to the distribution of C. septentrionalis   , restricted to the northern part of Madagascar.