Craspedophorus magnicollis discrepans Basilewsky, 1987

Häckel, Martin, 2017, A contribution to the knowledge of the subfamily Panagaeinae Hope, 1838 from Africa. Part 3. Revision of the Craspedophorus strachani and C. brevicollis groups (Coleoptera: Carabidae), Zootaxa 4330 (1), pp. 1-67: 32

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Craspedophorus magnicollis discrepans Basilewsky, 1987


19b. Craspedophorus magnicollis discrepans Basilewsky, 1987  

( Plate 11 View PLATE 11 , Figs 86, 87, Plate 14 View PLATE 14 , Figs 116, 118b)

Epigraphus magnicollis Burgeon 1935a: 387   (ex parte).

Craspedophorus magnicollis discrepans Basilewsky 1987: 192   (type locality “entre Mbuye-Bata et Katongo [=Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo”]). Lorenz 2005: 321, Häckel and Farkač 2012: 82 [all data with error, correctly Mbuye-bala and Katongo rivers junction].

Type material. Holotype (♂): “Genit. ♂ [printed]/ 87.042.1 [handwritten in black on yellow label]// Holotypus [printed in black on red label]// [DataMatrix] RMCA Ent / 0 0 0 0 20030 [printed in black on white label]// Congo Belge. P.N.U / Entre. r. Mbuye-bala et r. Katongo / 1750 m -autour mare sêchée / 27.IX.1948 -1865a [printed in black on white label]// Coll. Mus. Congo / (Don I.P.N.C.B.) / Coll. Basilewsky [printed in black on white label]// Cr. magnicollis   / discrepans   n. [handwritten in black]/ P. Basilewsky det., 19[printed in black on white label]” ( Plate 11 View PLATE 11 , Fig. 86, Plate 14 View PLATE 14 , Fig. 118b, MRAC). Paratypes: 37 ♂♀ labeled same as holotype without holotype label and datamatrix, and: “Lulua: Sandoa / F.G.Overlaet / II-1932 ”; “Kafakumba / F.G.Overlaet / XII-1931 ”; “P.N.U. Riv. Mbuye-bala / Miss. de Witte / III-—1948 ”; “Kabwe sur Muye / Miss. de Witte / IV-V –1948”; same except “Katongo / IX-1948 ”; “Kabwekanono / IV-1949 ”; “Kamamulenga / III-1947 ”; “riv. Mubale / V-1947 ”; “riv. Lusinga / VI-1945 ”; same except “ III-1947 ”; “Masombwe / IX-1948 ”; “riv. Kamatshira / VII –1945 ”; N. Rhodesia / Abercorn / H.J.Brédo / XII-1942 ”; same except “ VII-1944 ”; same except: “R. Casters / X-XII 1946” (MRAC).

Additional material examined. Zambia. 1♂: “N Rhodesia, Abercorn [= Northern Province: Mbala]” ( Plate 11 View PLATE 11 , Fig. 87, Plate 14 View PLATE 14 , Fig. 116, cMH).

Note. This subspecies is based on 39 specimens collected in southern provinces of the DR Congo, concretely in Kasaï-Occidental (three specimens) and in Katanga (36 specimens), and three specimens, collected in northern Zambia, the holotype labeled “entre rivers Mbuye-bala et r. Katongo”. Plateau around Mbuye-Bala (or Buye-Bala) stream, of 1750 m altitude, is located in Upemba National Park, a large national park in Katanga Province of the southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Description (in part, see Basilewsky 1987: 192). “This species occurs in wide areal of Angola and Congo with a definite clinal variability. Nominotypical subspecies, C. m. magnicollis ( Quedenfeldt, 1883)   , was based on specimens from central Angola (recently Malanje Province), and recorded in Kalukembe (Huila Province) by Burgeon (1935a: 387) and south-easterly of Lobito (Benguela Province) by dr. Monard. It is mainly characterised by elytral colouration with humeral elytral maculae very large, reaching from III to IX interval, prolonged very close to base and reaching to midlength of its elytra. Some similar specimens were quite frequently collected also in extreme South-West of Shaba (Jadotville, Elisabethville regions [= Likasi, Lubumbashi, Katanga Province, DR Congo]).” In the Lulua River and Upemba regions occurs a particularly different form of C. magnicollis   , wich differs from previous subspecies by elytral colouration with maculae, distinctly smaller, humeral macula reaching hardly to basal third of the elytron. This difference is constantly present by all specimens I have seen and that is why I consider it different subspecies, denominated C. magnicollis discrepans   ssp. nov   . Burgeon (1935a: 387) anticipated any difference between specimen from Kalukembe [(Huila, Angola) and the single specimen from Sandoa [(Katanga, DRC). Three specimens from Abercorn (Zambia), wich is located not too far from Upemba, seems to be equal with this subspecies” [from French].

Distribution. DR Congo: Kasaï-Occidental, Katanga Provinces; northern Zambia.














Craspedophorus magnicollis discrepans Basilewsky, 1987

Häckel, Martin 2017

Craspedophorus magnicollis discrepans

Hackel 2012: 82
Lorenz 2005: 321
Basilewsky 1987: 192

Epigraphus magnicollis

Burgeon 1935: 387