Craspedophorus latipennis Burgeon, 1930

Häckel, Martin, 2017, A contribution to the knowledge of the subfamily Panagaeinae Hope, 1838 from Africa. Part 3. Revision of the Craspedophorus strachani and C. brevicollis groups (Coleoptera: Carabidae), Zootaxa 4330 (1), pp. 1-67: 16-17

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Craspedophorus latipennis Burgeon, 1930


10. Craspedophorus latipennis Burgeon, 1930  

( Plate 2 View PLATE 2 , Figs 14a, b, 15; Plate 4 View PLATE 4 , Fig. 31a, b, Plate 12 View PLATE 12 , Fig. 95)

Craspedophorus latipennis Burgeon, 1930b: 164   (type locality “ Cameroun: Mukonge Farm [= Limbe env., Cameroon, Southwest]”). Lorenz 2005: 320. Häckel and Farkač 2012: 81 [with erroneous type locality].

Craspedophorus preussi Kolbe   in litt. sensu Burgeon 1930b: 165 (nomen nudum).

Type material. Paratypes. 1♂: “ Paratype [printed in black on red label]// Musée du Congo [printed in black] / Mundame [= Moundamé , Cameroon, Southwest ] ( Kam. ) / (R. Rhode [error typographicus, correctly R. Rohde]) / don [handwritten in black] L. Burgeon [printed in black on white label]// Coll. Kraatz [printed in black on white label]// Mundame / ( Kam. ) R. Rohde [printed in black on white label]// R. Dét. / 1783 [printed in black] / F [handwritten in black on white label]// Craspedoph / latipennis   / Burg [handwritten on white label]” ( Plate 2 View PLATE 2 , Fig. 14a)   ; 1♂,4 ♀ labeled as previous paratype except: “Mukonge farm”; 1 ♀ labeled as previous paratypes except “ Cameroun [Region Centre]: Yaoundé ” ( MRAC).  

Additional material examined. Cameroon: Sothwest. 1 ♀: “ West Kamerun   . Bascho. Titze” ( Plate 2 View PLATE 2 , Fig. 15); 1♀: “Aschanti [probably mislabeled]” ( NMWC); 1♂: “SWpr., 3.5 km ne Bakingili, N: 4°5.431'; E: 9°3.131', 400 m ” ( Plate 2 View PLATE 2 , Fig. 14b, Plate 12 View PLATE 12 , Fig. 95, cMH). Nigeria: Cross River State. 1♂: “ Calabar ” ( NMPC).  

Note. This species is based on a series of specimens, deposed in Museum of Bruxelles, collected in Cameroon by R. Rohde, and one specimen without special labeling, except “ Preussi Kolbe   ”, deposed in the Deutsches Entomologisches Museum. Holotype is labeled “Cameroun: Mukonge Farm“. Victoria (recently Limbe) and its vicinity (including Mukonge Farm) were handed over to the German administration, it became British again in 1915. In 1982 Victoria was renamed. Limbe is also a starting point to Mount Cameroon. Description (in part, see Burgeon 1930b: 164). “Length 24 mm, width 11 mm. It strongly resembles C. strachani ( Hope, 1842)   , maybe it represents its local subspecies. It differs in stronger statue, in its pronotum with more sinuate margins posteriorly, also it differs in its elytra, more convex and wider, and in elytral colouration. Metepisterna, crenulation of abdominal segments, and the form of the palps place it in C. tetrastigma   group [= C. strachani   species group]( Plate 4 View PLATE 4 , Fig. 31a,b). Head similar, antennae ferruginous distally from IV article including. Pronotum similarly shaped [as in C. strachani   ], with disc, more grossly punctured, anterior angles, more lobed and protruded anteriorly, margins distinctly more sinuate posteriorly, narrowing perpendicularly towards posterior angles; posterior angle almost rectangular, with one dent on its top, preceded by one incisura. Elytra wide and short, wider at midlength than in C. strachani   , with flattened disk, and four reddish maculae, longer, without serrate margins; humeral macula reaching from V [IV] to IX interval, consisting of spots, elongated progressively forwards, spot on IX interval shortened posteriorly, and the three other forming equal spots on intervals V to VII, with shorter spot on VIII interval, and often with a small spot on IV interval. C. milzi Duvivier, 1891   is smaller and more parallel-sided, pronotum similar to that in C. strachani   , a species with elytra flattened, but more elongated and more densely punctured, than in our species [ C. latipennis   ], and humeral macula reaching from III [IV] interval, with strongly serrate margins...” [from French].

Distribution. Southwestern Cameroon, southeastern Nigeria: Cross River State.


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Craspedophorus latipennis Burgeon, 1930

Häckel, Martin 2017

Craspedophorus latipennis

Hackel 2012: 81
Lorenz 2005: 320
Burgeon 1930: 164

Craspedophorus preussi

Burgeon 1930: 165