Prytanomyia Oezdikmen , 2006

Londt, Jason G. H. & Dikow, Torsten, 2017, A revision of the Afrotropical genus Prytanomyia Oezdikmen, 2006 (Asilidae, Laphriinae), African Invertebrates 58 (2), pp. 39-52 : 41

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Prytanomyia Oezdikmen , 2006


Taxonomy Prytanomyia Oezdikmen, 2006

Prytanomyia Özdikmen, 2006: 95. Replacement name for Prytania Oldroyd, 1974. Preoccupied by Prytania Debauche, 1938 ( Debauche 1938, Lepidoptera : Erebidae : Arctiinae).

Prytania Oldroyd, 1974: 112 (fig. 105, whole specimen and detail of ♂ terminalia). Type species. Prytania albida Oldroyd, 1974, by original designation.

Generic diagnosis.

This diagnosis is based in part on the key characters used by Londt & Dikow (in press) to differentiate genera in the Manual of Afrotropical Diptera . Head: Antennal stylus without long setulae; frons approximately the same width at level of antennal insertion and vertex; mystax composed of many setae, none clearly differentiated as macrosetae; compound eye more or less oval in lateral view; anterior tentorial pits small, slit-like, inconspicuous ventrally. Thorax: Prosternum fused to proepisternum; scutellum with apical macrosetae. Legs: Prothoracic tibia without any spine-like tibial processes; pulvilli poorly developed (approximately ½ length of claws). Wing: Vein C extends around wing margin as far as fused CuA and CuP vein, cup and alula well developed; R2+3 ending in C, cell r1 thus open on wing margin; cell m3 closed. Abdomen: T2 wider than long; S1 confined beneath T1; male terminalia rotated through c. 15-45°; female terminalia simple (T10 never divided and without acanthophorite spines).