Agrimonia procera, Wallr

I. Klášterský, 1968, 10. Rosa L., Flora Europaea, Volume 2, Rosaceae to Umbelliferae, Cambrdige: Cambridge University Press, pp. 35-42: 32

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Agrimonia procera


3. A. procera Wallr   .,

Erst. Beitr. FI. Hercyn. 203 (1840) ( A. odorata   auct., non Miller).

Stem 50-120 cm, with long eglandular hairs; without basal rosette. Leaves green on both surfaces; stomata (27-)30(-33) /*; leaflets elliptical, coarsely and acutely serrate almost to the base. Pedicels at maturity (l-5-)2-5(^l) mm; lower bracts trilobed. Petals golden yellow, oblong to obovate, often emarginate. Mature hypanthium (including bristles) c. 11 x

II mm, turbinate, with broad, shallow grooves for c. 4 its length, and with well-developed disc; lowest bristles distinctly deflexed.