Zagrammosoma headricki Perry, 2021

Perry, Ryan K. & Heraty, John M., 2021, Read between the lineata: A revision of the tattooed wasps, Zagrammosoma Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), with descriptions of eleven new species, Zootaxa 4916 (1), pp. 1-108 : 54-57

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Zagrammosoma headricki Perry

n. sp.

Zagrammosoma headricki Perry n. sp.

( Fig. 19 View FIGURE 19 )

Diagnosis. Zagrammosoma headricki is characterized by a dark gaster, and mesosoma that is almost the color inverse of other Zagrammosoma . The dark mesosoma displays yellow lines that follow the interior margins of the notaulus and axillae. The mesoscutellum is also dark, except for the outer margins, which are light yellow ( Fig. 19D, E View FIGURE 19 ). The parastigmal band also connects with the cubital band ( Fig. 19C View FIGURE 19 ), and the cubital band is occasionally wide enough to reach the posterior margin of the fore wing. The face is similar to Z. hobbesi , with the “tiger stripes” present, but the wing patterns are different ( Fig. 19C View FIGURE 19 vs 21C), and there is no yellow found on the mesoscutellum of Z. hobbesi ( Fig. 21D, E View FIGURE 21 ).

Description. Female - body length 0.77–1.6 mm. Metallic luster on body absent. Scape yellow, dorsally with black stripe. Two vertical stripes on lower face present. Vertex with 2 stripes above compound eye. Gena posteriorly with dark stripes below compound eye. Occiput dark, with no yellow stripes, or with 5 dark stripes radiating outwards from occipital foramen ( Fig. 19D View FIGURE 19 ). Pronotum dark, dorsally with yellow stripes on lateral margins; laterally with 2 dark stripes. Prepectus yellow with dark stripe along dorsal margin. Mesoscutum dark, with yellow along notaulus; median stripe rarely visible ( Fig. 19D View FIGURE 19 ). Mesoscutellum all black, or with three faint dark stripes that are difficult to distinguish from surrounding dark coloration. Propodeum dark with yellow on lateral margins. Procoxa yellow or dark. Mesocoxa all yellow, all dark, or yellow and basally dark. Metacoxa yellow or dark. Profemur yellow. Mesofemur all yellow or yellow with dark spot dorsally. Metafemur yellow or dark, or with dark banding encircling femur. Fore wing: basal band absent; cubital band present; parastigmal, stigmal, and postmarginal bands present, with perpendicular extension greater than that of the stigmal-parastigmal band reaching cubital band and posterior margin of wing; connection from parastigmal band to stigmal band absent; connection from stigmal band to postmarginal band absent. Hind wing hyaline. Gaster all dark, or with faint yellow on base of Gt 1.

Upper ocular sulcus present. Pedicel longer than wide. Funiculars symmetrical: first wider than long (w:l = 1.25–1.29); second wider than long (w:l = 1.55–2.08).

Pronotum, in dorsal view, more than twice as wide as long (w:l = 2.12–2.38); 3–5 pairs of setae on posterior margin. Mesoscutum reticulate; small, scattered setae present; intermediate setae absent. Mesoscutellum wider than long (w:l = 1.14–1.23); submedian grooves absent. Hind tibial spur distinctly shorter than basitarsus. Hind basitarsus shorter than second tarsomere (bst:2 nd = 0.7–0.83).

Fore wing l:w = 2.2–2.52. Submarginal vein with 5–6 setae dorsally. Basal fold setose. Cubital fold setose. Admarginal setae present in one or two rows. Uncus originating on stigma by more than own length from stigmal apex.

Male - as female, except: body length 0.8–1.01 mm; scape all yellow, or yellow with black stripe dorsally; occiput with 2 dark, vertical stripes present or absent ( Fig. 19E View FIGURE 19 ).

Remarks. The dark coloration on the mesoscutum is sometimes faint enough to see the median dark stripe ( Fig. 19D View FIGURE 19 ) that is present in the majority of other species of Zagrammosoma .

Hosts. Reared from a coleopteran leaf miner and a variety of leaf miners of unknown orders. See Table 3. Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae : Monoxi sp.

Distribution. Nearctic: Mexico (SL), USA (AZ, CA, TX) ( Fig. 20 View FIGURE 20 ).

Etymology. This is the first new species of Zagrammosoma that I discovered; named in honor of Dr. David Headrick, who inspired me to pursue a career in entomology.

Type Material. Holotype: USA: Oregon: Lane Co.,H.J.Andrews Exp.For.Frissell Point, 1479m, 44°12’57”N, 122°06’3”W, 15.viii.1984, M. E. Schauff & E. E. Grissell, meadow [1♀, UCRCENT471443], deposited at USNM GoogleMaps . Paratypes: MEXICO: San Luis Potosi: 28.5 mi. S. Huizache, 1510m, 22°35’32”N, 100°35’36”W, 4.vii.1985, J. B. Woolley & G. Zolnerowich, 85/024 [1♀, TAMU: UCRCENT426799 (D4573)] GoogleMaps . USA: Arizona: Yavapai Co., W. of Seligman , 1600m, 35°20’0”N, 112°54’50”W, 27.vii.2008, S. Triapitsyn [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT250517 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . California: Coconino Co., Williams area, 2065m, 35°14’58”N, 112°11’27”W, 26.vii.2008, S. Triapitsyn [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT249860 View Materials ]. GoogleMaps Riverside Co. , Lake Skinner (NE end), 33°36’7”N, 117°02’5”W, 21.v–, J. D. Pinto, Coastal Sage Scrub, malaise trap [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT312323 View Materials ]. GoogleMaps Sonoma Co. , 2 mi. S. Plantation, 278m, 38°34’19”N, 123°17’47”W,, host: Monoxia sp [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT471439 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . Oregon: Lane Co., H.J. Andrews Exp. For. Frissell Point, 1479m, 44°12’57”N, 122°06’3”W, 15.viii.1984, M. E. Schauff & E. E. Grissell, meadow [1♁, USNM: UCRCENT471445 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . Texas: Brewster Co., Big Bend Natl. Pk., Croton Spr. , 914.4m, 29°20’40”N, 103°20’47”W, 6.vii.1986, J. Heraty [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT312352 View Materials ]. GoogleMaps Hidalgo Co. , Bentsen-Rio Grande Park; Resaca Vieja Trail, 33m, 26°10’51”N, 98°22’57”W, 16.iv.2010, J. Mottern, sweep, M10- 024 [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT414577 View Materials (D3861)]. GoogleMaps Jim Wells Co. , 8 mi. W. Ben Bolt La Copita Res. Station , 85m, 27°38’5”N, 98°12’26”W, 20.v.1987, J. B. Woolley, 87/004 [1♁, UCRC: UCRCENT312326 View Materials ] GoogleMaps .

Additional material examined. USA: Arizona: Cochise Co., Chiricahua Mts. , SWRS swimming pool, 1525m, 31°53’1”N, 109°12’19”W, 5.v.1980, V. Roth [1♀, CNC: CNC508716 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . Coconino Co., 5 mi. W. Williams, 2013m, 35°13’57”N, 112°17’23”W, 14.viii.1983, G. Gordh [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT312325 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . California: Fresno Co., Coalinga , 200m, 36°08’35”N, 120°21’5”W, 1.v.1951, C.G. Kennett, host plant: Erodium cicutarium [1♀, EMEC: EMEC84300 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . Inyo Co., 22 mi. W. Panamint Springs, 1433m, 36°20’1”N, 117°44’13”W, 7.v.1961, D. Q. Cavagnaro [1♀, CNC: CNC508717 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . Marin Co., Mill Valley, Richardson Bay , 37°53’52”N, 122°31’29”W,, salt marsh [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT498997 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . Orange Co., Newport Beach , 33°37’24”N, 117°55’23”W, 23.vii.1984, H. Andersen [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT485741 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . Riverside Co., 43455 Sage St., Temecula, 393m, 33°30’39”N, 117°04’52”W, 24.iv.1997, M. Johnson, host plant: Lycium sp. [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT312351 View Materials ]. GoogleMaps Thousand Palms , 66m, 33°48’47”N, 116°23’31”W, 20.xi.1955, W. R. Richards [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT312324 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . San Bernardino Co., 14 mi. N. 29 Palms on Mesquite Spring Rd., 552m, 34°14’39”N, 116°04’50”W, 12.iv.1984, J. T. Huber [1♀, CNC: CNC508715 View Materials ]. GoogleMaps Yermo , 34°54’23”N, 116°50’10”W, 28.iii.1972, E.L. Paddock, host plant: Atriplex [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT471447 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . Sonoma Co., 2 mi. S. Plantation, 278m, 38°34’19”N, 123°17’47”W,, host: Monoxia sp [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT471440 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . Stanislaus Co., Del Puerto Canyon Road 3.6 road miles west of Diablo Grande Parkway up canyon north of creek, 150m, 37°28’29”N, 121°14’19”W,, R. L. Zuparko, host plant: grass [1♀, EMEC: EMEC84317 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . Colorado: Boulder Co., 1 km SW Allenspark , 2800m, 40°11’21”N, 105°32’13”W, 12.vii.1993, S. L. Heydon [1♀, UCDC: UCRCENT415802 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . Nevada: Lander Co., 7.5 km ESE Austin , 2185m, 39°27’47”N, 116°59’52”W, 6.viii.1998, L. Baptiste & T. Gonsalves, Sweep [1♀, UCDC: UCRCENT415801 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . Oregon: Lane Co., H.J. Andrews Exp. For. Frissell Point, 1479m, 44°12’57”N, 122°06’3”W, 15.viii.1984, M. E. Schauff & E. E. Grissell, meadow [2♀, USNM: UCRCENT471442 View Materials , 471444 View Materials ]. GoogleMaps H.J. Andrews Exp. For. Frissell Point , 1479m, 44°12’57”N, 122°06’3”W, 15.viii.1984, M. E. Schauff & E. E. Grissell, roadside vegetation [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT471446 View Materials ] GoogleMaps . Utah: Box Elder Co., Garland , 41°44’22”N, 112°09’36”W, 28.ix.1929, M.F. Bowen, host plant: beets [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT471441 View Materials ] GoogleMaps .


University of California, Riverside


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History


Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes


Essig Museum of Entomology


R. M. Bohart Museum of Entomology













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