Hydropsyche formosana

Oláh, J. & Johanson, K. A., 2008, Generic review of Hydropsychinae, with description of Schmidopsyche, new genus, 3 new genus clusters, 8 new species groups, 4 new species clades, 12 new species clusters and 62 new species from the Oriental and Afrotropical regions (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae), Zootaxa 1802, pp. 1-248 : 89

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Hydropsyche formosana


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This species group was established by Mey (1999b) and comprises species having simply bent basis of phallotheca and absence of phallotremal sclerites. In addition, the apex of the phallotheca is cleft or rounded, membranous on the dorsal side, sclerotized ventrally, and with a broad or narrow ventromesal keel. The lateral sides of the phallotheca have a pair of proximally produced, triangular appendages (endothecal dorsolateral membranous lobes) without spinules; and they posses a pair of weakly sclerotized, small, finger-like endothecal processes. The endophallus is nearly as long as the phallotheca; the segment IX is sometimes narrow; the segment X has apical appendages (apicoventral setose digitiform process) and a single or paired dorsomedian protuberances (apicodorsal median setose protuberances).

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