Macropodiella pellucida (Engl.) C.Cusset, Fl. Cameroun 30: 64 (1987), C. Cusset, Fl. Cameroun 30: 64, 1987

Kuetegue, Felix, Sonke, Bonaventure & Ameka, Gabriel K., 2019, A checklist of rheophytes of Cameroon, PhytoKeys 121, pp. 81-131: 81

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Macropodiella pellucida (Engl.) C.Cusset, Fl. Cameroun 30: 64 (1987)


35. Macropodiella pellucida (Engl.) C.Cusset, Fl. Cameroun 30: 64 (1987)  


Cameroon, Bare, near Nkongsamba, Ledermann 6142 (lectotype: BM). Basionym: Inversodicraea pellucida   Engl., Veg. Erde 9(3, 1): 271, 272. (1915).

Specimens examined.

Bare, near Nkongsamba, on rocks in a waterfall, Ledermann 6142 (BM); Ndian River, near Mundemba, Dec, D.W. Thomas 2552 (MO, P).


River rapids and waterfalls in rainforest.


Cameroon (Fig. 25 View Figures 20–25 ).

Conservation status in Cameroon.

Macropodiella pellucida   is listed on as Endangered ( Ghogue 2010o). Onana and Cheek (2011) maintained the Endangered status of Ghogue (2010o). The taxon is endemic to Cameroon and known from two localities. The extent of occurrence is less than 4 km2 and the area of occupancy of this species is estimated at less than 20 km2. There have not been further threats at the habitat of the species since the previous assessment. The species is reassessed as Endangered, maintaining the previous status. IUCN Red List Category: Endangered ENB2ab (iii).