Tetragnatha Latreille, 1804

Dimitrov, Dimitar, Álvarez-Padilla, Fernando & Hormiga, Gustavo, 2008, Until dirt do us apart: On the unremarkable palp morphology of the spider Sternospina concretipalpis Schmidt & Krause, 1993, with comments on the genus Prionolaema Simon, 1894 (Araneae, Tetragnathidae), Zootaxa 1698, pp. 49-56: 51-53

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.180745



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Tetragnatha Latreille, 1804


Genus Tetragnatha Latreille, 1804  

Type species: Tetragnatha extensa (Linnaeus, 1758)   Prionolaema Simon, 1894   new synonymy

The genus Prionolaema Simon, 1894   is a junior synonym of Tetragnatha Latreille, 1804   as the only two species in the genus are members of Tetragnatha   . This synonymy has resulted in two new combinations (see below).

Justification of the synonymy: The original description of Prionolaema   is based on a subadult male specimen that, unfortunately, does not allow the examination of palpal morphology. As a result several somatic characters are cited in the diagnosis to differentiate this genus from Tetragnatha   . The first and most important diagnostic character refers to the eye pattern of Prionolaema   which has contiguous lateral eyes. Contiguous lateral eyes, however, are also observed in several Tetragnatha   species. For example, the Hawaiian species Tetragnatha maka Gillespie, 1994   and Tetragnatha kea Gillespie, 1994   have the same eye pattern. The wider than longer labium with laminar portion of Prionolaema   is not different from the morphology of the labium of Tetragnatha   . The same is true for the other characters listed as diagnostic for Prionolaema   such as the long and slender palp and the shape of the abdomen. Many Tetragnatha   species are known to have elongated conical abdomens as the one observed in Prionolaema   . Based on these observations we consider the decision to regard Prionolaema   as a junior synonym of Tetragnatha   fully justified.