Cybaeus melanoparvus Kobayashi, 2006,

Sugawara, Yusuke, Ihara, Yoh & Nakano, Takafumi, 2021, A new species of Cybaeus L. Koch, 1868 (Araneae, Cybaeidae) with simple genitalia from central Japan is the sister species of C. melanoparvus Kobayashi, 2006 with elongated genitalia, Zoosystematics and Evolution 97 (1), pp. 223-233: 223

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Cybaeus melanoparvus Kobayashi, 2006


Cybaeus melanoparvus Kobayashi, 2006  Figures 8View Figure 8, 9View Figure 9

Cybaeus melanoparvus  Kobayashi, 2006: 41-42, figs 53-57; Ihara 2009a: 167, figs 2-2-30-228-230.

Material examined.

Japan • 1 ♂, 1 ♀; Gifu Prefecture, Ibi-gun, Ibigawa Town, Sakauchihirose ; 35°36.77'N, 136°25.16'E; 27 Oct. 2012; N. Koike leg.; KUZ Z3764GoogleMaps  2 ♂♂, 2 ♀♀; Shiga Prefecture, Maibara City, Mt. Bungen ; 35°30.51'N, 136°23.42'E; 26 Oct. 2012; N. Koike leg.; KUZ Z3765GoogleMaps  .

Supplementary description of female spermathecae

(Figs 8FView Figure 8, 9View Figure 9). CD, SH, and SS continuous tubular, and similar in diameter from CP through to SB; this duct starting from CP running on ventral side anteriorly, then bending posteromedially and coiling once toward anterior tip; this duct then turning at anterior tip, coiling 2.5 times in the opposite direction, undulating twice on ventral side, and then a half coil to SB; PP located on dorsal side, 1 coil before turning point at anterior tip; SB globular, extending anterolaterally, and expanded at connection with SS; BG well-developed, located dorsally at connection between SS and SB; each FD not running from basal part of SB, but extending from small atrium located beneath SB.


The present specimens were unquestionably identified as C. melanoparvus  by features of the male palp and female genitalia; that is, the remarkably developed conductor and complicated tubular spermathecae.

The present study could successfully document the positions of PP and BG in the spermathecae of this species for the first time. Because PPs were located at the dorsal surface of the duct near its anterior tip, this tubular structure, which was referred to as an 'anterior duct’ by Kobayashi (2006), must comprise CD, and also SH and SS.














Cybaeus melanoparvus Kobayashi, 2006

Sugawara, Yusuke, Ihara, Yoh & Nakano, Takafumi 2021

Cybaeus melanoparvus

Kobayashi 2006