Leucanthemopsis alpina subsp. vranicae Tomasello & Konowalik

Tomasello, Salvatore & Konowalik, Kamil, 2020, On the Leucanthemopsis alpina (L.) Heywood growing in the Illyrian region, PhytoKeys 161, pp. 27-40: 27

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Leucanthemopsis alpina subsp. vranicae Tomasello & Konowalik

subsp. nov.

Leucanthemopsis alpina subsp. vranicae Tomasello & Konowalik   subsp. nov.


Perennial plant, subscapose hemicryptophyte ~ 8-10 cm. Basal leaves pinnatilobate 20-30 mm long and 4-9 mm wide, spatulate with ovate lamina, moderately pilose abaxially, leaflets 5 (-7), 1.5 times longer than width of leaf rachis. Cauline bracts 3 or 4, linear, 3-5 mm long. Inflorescences scapiform, capitula solitary. Involucral bracts green with black margins, pilose over midrib, margin ciliate. Corolla of ray florets white throughout anthesis. Diploid.


Leucanthemopsis alpina subsp. vranicae   differs from subsp. cuneifolia   in possessing abaxially pilose leaves (Fig. 3C View Figure 3 ). In L. alpina subsp. cuneifolia   , leaves are glabrous on both surfaces (a few diploid populations from the area surrounding the Dolomites possess abaxially pilose leaves, but are usually smaller plants [up to ca. 5 cm] than those in the Vranica Mts). In L. alpina subsp. vranicae   , the green midribs of the involucral bracts are pilose (Fig. 3B View Figure 3 ), but are glabrous in subsp. cuneifolia   . Leucanthemopsis alpina subsp. tatrae   leaves are less incised (leaflets up to 1.5 times longer than the width of the leaf rachis), which are tomentose on both surfaces (according to Vierhapper 1914).

Distribution and habitat.

Krstac Mt and between Devetaci Mt and Nadkrstac Mt. (Vranica Mts). Bosnia and Herzegovina. Grows solitary or forms clumps on siliceous substrates (gravel and stones) in xerophytic alpine meadows above Pinus mugo   shrubs. 2000-2100 m a.s.l.


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central Bosnia Canton, between municipalities of Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje and Fojnica, close to the village Prokos at the ProkoŇ°ko jezero lake, Vranica Planina Mountains, Krstac Mt; 43.954833N, 17.736917E; alt. 2036 m; 7 Aug 2018; K. Konowalik 20180807-02; (holotype: WRSL [WR GN 064834]; paratypes: WU [WU0043817], SARA [SARA43310, SARA43311, SARA43312]).

Conservation status.

Leucanthemopsis alpina subsp. vranicae   is a point endemic with a very small range (less than 2.5 km2) which meets the IUCN Red List criteria for critically endangered species (CR B2a, IUCN Standards and Petition Committe 2019). Though its population size is not known, it is expected to be low (i.e. during the survey in 2018, only ca. 25 flowering plants were seen in both accessible stands). Therefore, it would also meet criterion D (very small and restricted population, IUCN Standards and Petition Committe 2019). As the subspecies is confined to an alpine habitat, which is heavily restricted in the Vranica Mts, it may face extinction in case of any stochastic event or effects of anthropogenic climate warming. Though, a long time span of collections (130 years) and certain features of those mountains (e.g. microhabitats, inaccessible slopes) may indicate that it will manage to persist there.

Identification key to subspecies of Leucanthemopsis alpina   (modified from Tomasello and Oberprieler 2017).