Adelomyrmex boltoni, 2003

Fernández, F., 2003, Revision of the myrmicine ants of the Adelomyrmex genus-group (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)., Zootaxa 361, pp. 1-52 : 14-15

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Adelomyrmex boltoni


A. boltoni Fernandez   HNS NEW SPECIES (Figs. 65, 74)

Worker measurements. Holotype (Paratype). HL 0.60 (0.50) HW 0.52 (0.46) SL 0.41 (0.38) EL 0.05 (0.04) WL 0.70 (0.63) GL 0.75 (0.70) TL 2.60 (2.33) CI 88 (92) SI 74 (82).

Worker diagnosis. Head longer than broad, with convex posterior and evenly rounded corners. Sides of head slightly concave before the eyes, slightly convex past eyes. Mandibles with 4 teeth decreasing in size from the apical teeth, the antepenultimate (subbasal) smallest. Mandible internal side with two lamelliform setae near basal border, between basal teeth and teeth of basal border. Hypostomal teeth absent. Head, most of promesonotum, sides of pronotum and gaster smooth and shining; remainder of thorax with more or less longitudinal rugulae. Posterior face of propodeum long, smooth and shining. Petiole with rugulae concentric around node, dorsally transverse and longitudinal on sides; sides of postpetiole with oblique rugulae, smooth and shining in the top, mandibles smooth and shining. Hairs long and flexuous on the body, shorter and appressed on antennae and legs. Body brown (including hairs), antennae and legs lighter.

Queen and male: Unknown.

Holotype worker: PARAGUAY: Tapua, Santa Maria , 25.x. 82, F. Baud leg. (Deposited in BMNH).

Paratypes: 1 w, BRAZIL: Bahia, A. de Olivenca, mata -W , 14°58’S 39°01’W, 23.iii. 98, J.R.M. Dos Santos leg. GoogleMaps ; 1 w, Bahia, Aracataca A48 , 15°15’90”S 39°16’01W, J.R.M. Dos Santos leg. GoogleMaps ; 1 w, Bahia, Aritaguá, 14°39’S 39°04’W, 5.x. 98, J.S. Carmo & J.R.M. Santos legg. GoogleMaps ; 1 w, Bahia, Buerarema , 14°45’30”S 39°13’00”W, 18.v. 98, J.R.M. Dos Santos leg. GoogleMaps ; 1 w, Bahia, Camacá-Vargito, 15°24’S 39°31’W, 22.iii. 99, J.R.M. Dos Santos leg. GoogleMaps ; 1 w, Bahia, Canavieiras-Oiticica , 14°24’34”S 39°01’00”W, 30.iii. 98, J.R.S. Carmo leg. GoogleMaps ; 1 w, Bahia, Ibiripitanga, mata-W , 14°11’39”S 39°25’23”W, J.R.M. Dos Santos leg. GoogleMaps ; 3 w, Bahia, Ilheus, CEPLEC - G Winkler No. 331, 1.iv.1996, J.R.M. Santos ; 4 w, Bahia, Ilheus, CEPLEC-G , Winkler 396, iv.96, A.C. Moreira leg. ; 1 w, Bahia, Ilheus- Itabuna, are zool. Km 22 , x.86, J. Delabie leg. ; 3 w, Bahia, Ilheus , Japu , 3.iii. 91, J. Delabie No. 4374 & 4401 ; 1 w, Bahia, Ilheus-Pimenteira , mata W-A17 , 14°32’S 39°25’W, 6.x.1997, J.R.M. Dos Santos & J.C.S. do Carmo legg. GoogleMaps ; 1 w, Bahia, Marau-Faz , Agua Boa, mata , 1.vii. 97, J.R.M. Dos Santos leg. ; 1 w, Bahia, Marau-Tremembe , mata W-A4 , 97, J.R.M. Dos Santos leg. ; 1 w, Bahia, Monte Pascual , 16°52’03”S 39°55’03”W, 18.vii. 97, J.R.M. Dos Santos leg. GoogleMaps ; 3 w, Bahia, Ilheus , Una Reserve , 15°16’45”S 39°05’28”W, 21.xi. 96, J.R.M. Santos keg. GoogleMaps ; 1 w, Bahia, Itacaré, 14°18’33”S 39°00’70”W, 98, J.R.M. Dos Santos leg. GoogleMaps ; 1 w, Bahia, Ubaitaba , 14°15’01”S 39°19’27”W, 11.iv. 97, J.C.S. Carmo leg. GoogleMaps ; 1 w, Bahia, Urucuca , 21.xii. 93, R. Cordeiro No. 4572. 18 paratypes deposited in CEPLAC, 10 paratypes deposited in IAvH, ICN, LACM, MIZA, PSW, USNM, CWEM .

Comments. Very similar to A. longinodus   HNS . Separated by the sculpturing on the propodeal dorsum and the sides of the mesosoma. In A. boltoni   HNS , the lamelliform setae are reduced to 2, near the basal border and between the basal teeth (of the masticatory border) and the tooth of the basal margin.

This species is known from Bahia (Brazil) and Tapua (Paraguay), which are widely-separated sites. The species will probably be found in other areas, when sampled with Winkler traps and Berlese funnels.


United Kingdom, London, The Natural History Museum [formerly British Museum (Natural History)]


Comissão Executiva de Planejamento da Lavoura Cacaueira, Brazil


Colombia, Bogota, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Insituto de Ciencias Naturales de la Universidad Nacional


USA, California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History


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USA, Washington D.C., National Museum of Natural History, [formerly, United States National Museum]















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