Polyplectropus bravoae Bueno-Soria, 1990

Armitage, Brian J., Aguirre, Yusseff P., Rios Gonzalez, Tomas A., Rodriguez, Viterbo, Blahnik, Roger J. & Harris, Steven C., 2024, The Trichoptera of Panama. XXV. Eight new country records of caddisflies (Insecta, Trichoptera), Neotropical Biology and Conservation 19 (1), pp. 17-24 : 17

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Polyplectropus bravoae Bueno-Soria, 1990


Polyplectropus bravoae Bueno-Soria, 1990 View in CoL

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Panama, Veraguas Province • 2 ♂; in alcohol; Cuenca 132, San Francisco District, nr La Perdiz , N of San Francisco , Rio Betegui ; 8.36047°N, 80.99481°W; 144 m a.s.l.; LED UV light trap; 28 Jan. 2023; V. Rodriguez leg.; MUPADI GoogleMaps .


Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama. New country record.

Suborder Integripalpia Martynov, 1924

Superfamily Hydroptiloidea Stephens, 1836

Family Hydroptilidae Stephens, 1836

The microcaddisflies ( Hydroptilidae ) represent the largest of the 50 families of Trichoptera , with almost 2,700 species distributed in six subfamilies and 76 genera ( Thomson 2023). By our internal count, Panama now has more than 250 species distributed in 21 genera, representing the highest country-level diversity in the Neotropics. In Panama, the genus Bredinia Flint, 1968 is represented by five species, three of which were added since 2015. The genus Mayatrichia Mosley, 1937 was added to Panama’s fauna by Armitage et al. (2020), by recording the presence of Mayatrichia illobia Harris & Holzenthal, 1990. Herein we add one new country record for each of these genera.

Subfamily Hydroptilinae Botosaneanu, 1956

Tribe Neotrichiini Ross, 1956