Aphodius punctipennis Erichson, 1848

Frolov, Andrey & Akhmetova, Lilia, 2013, A contribution to the study of the Lower Volga center of scarab beetle diversity in Russia: checklist of the tribe Aphodiini (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) of Dosang environs, Biodiversity Data Journal 1, pp. 979-979 : 979

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Aphodius punctipennis Erichson, 1848


punctipennis   Bodilus   Aphodius   Scarabaeidae   Coleoptera   Insecta   Arthropoda   Animalia  

Aphodius punctipennis Erichson, 1848  


Type status: Other material

Occurrence: recordedBy: A. V. Frolov, L. A. Akhmetova; individualCount: 1; Location: country: Russia; stateProvince: Astrakhan'; locality: Dosang Railway Station ; decimalLatitude: 46.90; decimalLongitude: 47.92; Event: samplingProtocol: light trap; eventDate: 2007-05-23; Record Level: collectionID: urn:lsid:biocol.org:col:34969; institutionCode: ZIN; collectionCode: Coleoptera

Ecological interactions

Feeds on

Cattle dung


Southern Central Europe, Transcaucasus, Caspian lowland and Central Asian Deserts up to Dzhungar Alatau in the east