Psilota viridis Macquart, 1847

Young, Andrew D., Skevington, Jeffrey H. & Steenis, Wouter Van, 2020, Revision of the Psilota Meigen, 1822 flower flies (Diptera: Syrphidae) of Australia, Zootaxa 4737 (1), pp. 1-127 : 89-92

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Psilota viridis Macquart, 1847


Psilota viridis Macquart, 1847

(Species plate: Fig. 37 View FIGURE 37 ; Genitalia: Fig. 46 View FIGURE 46 G–H; Map: Fig. 65B View FIGURE 65 )

Psilota viridis Macquart, 1847: 62 . Type locality “ Nouvelle-Hollande ”, Australia

Psilota victoria Curran, 1925: 7 . Type locality: Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Diagnosis: Metallic blue-green to entirely metallic blue species with frons entirely pale pilose or with some dark pile, pleuron shining and partly white pilose. Halter pale orange to yellow. Hind femur with a distinct rounded apicoventral setulose carina. Hind tibia simple. Sternite 1 pollinose. Body length: 7.8–12.5 mm.

Description: MALE: Head: Head black, face densely white pollinose. Face white pilose. Frons white pilose, sometimes with intermixed black pile. Vertex black pilose. Antenna mostly orange, brownish on the dorsal half of the scape, pedicel, and postpedicel. Eye densely yellow pilose. Thorax: Thorax metallic green. Legs partly dark brown, apical half of fore- and mid femora often with an anterior orange streak, all tibiae and tarsomeres often partly to entirely orange-brown. Hind femur with a distinct rounded apicoventral setulose carina. Hind tibia simple, with no basoventral spur. Pleuron shining, free of pollinosity. Pile on pleuron almost entirely white, sometimes with scattered black pile on the posterior anepisternum, anepimeron, and/or the ventral half of the katepisternum. Pile on scutum and scutellum entirely black. Wing colourless, with cells c, r, bm, cua, and the anal lobe mostly bare. Cells r 4+5, r 2+3, and dm with bare areas basally. Alula completely microtrichose. Halter pale orange to yellow. Calypter pale, usually with a dark brown border. Abdomen: Abdomen metallic green. Tergites 2 and 3 with white pile on basal 5/6 and black pile on apical sixth, tergite 4 entirely white pilose. Sternite 1 pollinose, white pilose. Sternites 2 to 4 shining, white pilose. Genitalia: Epandrium compact, about as long as tall. Cercus approximately triangular. Outer lobe of surstylus inserted at mid-height of inner lobe, curved downwards on apical third, with apex of lobe thickened and curved backwards towards base of surstylus. Inner lobe of surstylus ventrally swollen at base, otherwise broadening gradually over entire length, rounded at apex. Phallapodeme smooth. Gonostylus slightly darkened.

FEMALE: Identical except for normal sexual dimorphism.

Specimens examined: LECTOTYPE: AUSTRALIA: New South Wales: Female P. viridis , with labels reading “ Psilota / viridis / n. sp. Macq. / ♀ / Nov. Holl./ D. exot. nov. / Holotype / P. viridis EX COLL. BIGOT/Jeff_ Skevington_Specimen45697” (1♀, OUMNH). Other specimens: Australian Capital Territory: Black Mountain, -35.160000 149.060000, 1.i.1994, D.K. Yeates, UQIC_Reg94730 (1♂, QM); Back Mountain, -35.273675 149.097583, i.1988, M.E. Irwin, Malaise trap, ANIC29035771 (1♂, ANIC); Canberra, -35.282000 149.128686, 1–10.xii.1953; 1–15.xi.1953; 15.i.1934; 20.xi.1958; 23.xi.1947; 7.xi.1948, F. M. Hull; I.M. Mackerras; Z. Liepa; Paramonov, CNC_ Diptera 254984–254985; CNC_ Diptera 255058; CNC_ Diptera 255003–255008; CNC_ Diptera 255010–255012; CNC_ Diptera 255016; CNC_ Diptera 255029; CNC_ Diptera 255033–255037; ANIC29034906– 29034907; ANIC29035018; CNC_ Diptera 255026; CNC_ Diptera 255020–255021 (11♂, 13♀, CNC); Cotter River, -35.531650 148.875125, on Leptospermum , 23.xi.1929, L.M. Williams, ANIC29034454 (1♀, ANIC); New South Wales: 99 km North of Wentworth, -33.027339 150.952214, Hakea leucoptera , 30.xi.1992, N.W. Rodd, AustralianMuseumK410151 (1♀, AM); Biniguy, -29.489017 150.115050, 17.ix.1923, ANIC29034914 (1♂, ANIC); Bo- gan River, -30.478233 146.714608, ANIC29034461; ANIC29034919 (2♀♀, ANIC); Canyonlea [Canyonleigh] Road near Mossvale, -34.535442 150.137775, 12.ix.1966, M.L. Dyce, with pupal case (emerged 12.X.66) [larva in spirit], ANIC29034917 (1♂, ANIC); Clifton Downs—Mt. Wood, -29.354242 142.170308, 1.xi.1949, S.J. Par- amonov, USNM_ENT249835 (1♂, USNM); Como near Sydney, -33.926375 151.125936, 1992, A. Musgrave, Date is ambiguous reads ” 1.3.1924 ”, K49224 View Materials , AustralianMuseumK408023 (1♀, AM); Durras Bay, -35.645003 150.291439, 12.xi.1953, CNC_ Diptera 254986; CNC_ Diptera 254988 (2♂♂, CNC); Goonderra Ridge, Royal National Park, -34.114342 151.046586, 4.x.1969, G. Daniels, GDCBReg_19712 (1♀, GDCB); Hazelbrook, - 33.733375 150.449989, ANIC29034465; ANIC29034918 (1♂, 1♀, ANIC); Katoomba, -33.713133 150.313267, 10.x.1953; 10.x.1958, F.M. Hull, CNC_Dip tera255022; CNC_ Diptera 255030; CNC_ Diptera 255032; CNC_ Diptera 255039; CNC_ Diptera 255009 (3♂♂, 2♀♀, CNC); Mooney Mooney Ck nr Gosford, -33.437894 151.246467, 3.xii.1976, G. Daniels; D.K. McAlpine, B.J. Day, D. Jenkins, GDCBReg_19770; AustralianMuseumK408028; AustralianMuseumK408030 (2♂♂, 1♀, GDCB, AM); Nullo Mountain 20 miles Northeast of Rylstone, -32.737947 150.226400, 12.xi.1950, T.G. Campbell,ANIC29034803 (1♀, ANIC); Orange, -33.284228 149.102683, 25.xii.1951, Z. Liepa, ANIC29034813 (1♀, ANIC); Sydney, -33.926375 151.125936, 18.x.1925, Health Dept., ANIC29034921 (1♀, ANIC); xi.1924,ANIC29034920 (1♀, ANIC); Tibooburra, Cobham Lake, -30.146858 142.087394, 17.xi.1949, S.J. Paramonov, USNM_ENT249836 (1♂, USNM); Tregeagle, 10km SE Lismore, -28.857939 153.350561, 25.viii.1984, D.K. Yeates, UQIC_Reg94659 (1♂, QM); Warrumbungle NP, Brownes Ck., -31.170000 148.580000, 13–15.i.1994, M.E. Irwin, D.K. Yeates, Malaise trap, UQIC_Reg94679 (1♂, QM); near Bourke, -30.090661 145.938194, 26.x.1949, S.J. Paramonov, ANIC29034905; CNC_ Diptera 255082; CNC_ Diptera 255083 (2♂♂, 1♀, ANIC); South Black Range, East of Hoskinstown, -34.427778 149.534444, 1130m, 3.iii.2004, D.J. Ferguson, ANIC29035772 (1♀, ANIC); Queensland: 24km N by W of Mareeba, -16.470000 145.220000, 25.xi.1981, D.H. Colless, ANIC29034462 (1♀, ANIC); 5 km N Leyburn, -27.966667 151.633333, 22.x.1986, G. and A. Daniels, GDC- BReg_12258 (1♀, GDCB); 5km W. Toobeah, -28.425342 149.804014, on Atalaya hemiglauca , 16.xi.1979, K.L. Walker, UQIC_Reg94591 (1♀, QM); Amiens State Forest nr Stanthorpe, -28.600522 151.799608, 24–26.xi.1981; 27.xii.1987, G. Daniels and M.A. Schneider; G. and A. Daniels, UQIC_Reg94574; GDCBReg19514 (2♂♂, QM, GDCB); Barakula SF, site 12, -26.427000 150.506000, 249m; 406m, 23.i–10.ii.2010; 8–22.i.2010, Monteith, Turco, Malaise trap, QM_REG._NO._T222169–222170 (2♀♀, QM); Bribie Island, -26.986100 153.132525, 6.ix.1955, ANIC29035765 (1♀, ANIC); Brisbane, -27.526975 153.040322, 10.ix.1939; 12.ix.1916; 15.ix.1915; 1941; 26.ix.1916; 7.ix.1927; ix.1935, C.F. Ashby; H. Hacker; J. Mann; G.H. Hardy, CNC_ Diptera 255025; QM_REG._ NO._T223188–223189; ANIC29034922; QM_REG._NO._T223193; ANIC29034915; QM_REG._NO._T223195; QM_REG._NO._T223192; UQIC_Reg94806; UQIC_Reg94819; AustralianMuseumK410313 (6♂♂, 6♀♀, ANIC, QM, AM); Brown Lake, N. Stradbroke Is., S.E.Q., -27.490108 153.432378, on Leptospermum flavescens blossom, 21–24.ix.1984, D.K. Yeates, UQIC_Reg94657 (1♀, QM); Bundaberg, -24.866972 152.350972, ix.1971; viii–ix.1971, H. Frauca, CNC_ Diptera 255084–255087; USNM_ENT249837 (2♂♂, 3♀♀, ANIC); H. Frauca, CNC_ Diptera 255085; CNC_ Diptera 255086; CNC_ Diptera 255087 (ANIC); Caboolture, -28.083333 152.950000, on Leptospermum , 25.viii.1959, MacKerras, UQIC_Reg94565 (1♂, QM); Carlisle Island, -20.788936 149.285100, 9–17.xii.1986, S.R. Monteith, QM_REG._NO._T223225 (1♀, QM); Carnarvon Nat. Park, Mt. Moffatt Section, 3km SE Ranger Station, -25.077500 148.008333, 740m, 18.xi.1995, D.K. Yeates, UQIC_Reg94799 (1♂, QM); Cleveland, -27.533333 153.266667, viii.1924, G.H. Hardy, ANIC29034455; ANIC29034459 (2♀♀, ANIC); Col- linsville, -20.550147 147.850028, 15.ix.1950, E.F. Riek, ANIC29034931 (1♀, ANIC); Culgoa Floodplain NP, Reedy Swamp, 7km NW Toulby Gate, -28.955000 146.875000, 138m, 18.xi.2009, C. Lambkin, N. Starick, QM_ REG._NO._T222167–222168 (1♂, 1♀, QM); Dayboro, 0.5 km South, -27.200000 152.816667, 18–19.ix.1999, S.G. Evans, QM_REG._NO._T223221–223222 (2♀♀, QM); Durham Downs- Nokandra, -26.116933 149.076992, 13.xi.1949, S.J. Paramonov, ANIC29034927 (1♀, ANIC); Lake Broadwater nr Dalby, -27.350000 151.100000, 26.x.1986, G. and A. Daniels, GDCBReg19515 (1♂, GDCB); Mahogany Forest, Mount Moffat National Park, - 24.933333 148.066667, 1200m, 24–26.ii.1996, C.J. Burwell, S. Evans, light trap, QM_REG._NO._T223224 (1♀, QM); McPherson Range, -28.333333 153.000000, 12.xi.1949, S.J. Paramonov, ANIC29034903 (1♂, ANIC); Mount Tinbeerwah East of Cooroy, -26.400000 152.983333, hilltopping, 7.xi.1998; 29.ix.1985, G. and A. Daniels, UQIC_ Reg94776; GDCBReg_19557 (1♂, 1♀, GDCB, QM); Mount Walsh summit, -25.583333 152.050000, 640m, open forest & rock slabs, 2–3.xii.1998, C.J. Burwell, S.G. Evans, QM_REG._NO._T223194; QM_REG._NO._T223226 (2♂♂, QM); Mt Marlay near Stanthorpe, S.E.Q., -28.653583 151.946908, 24–25.xi.1984, D.K. Yeates, U.Q.I.C. Loan #1036, UQIC_Reg94658 (1♂, QM); N. Bundaberg, -24.866972 152.350972, in wallum, ix.1972, H. Frauca, CNC_ Diptera 255028 (1♂, ANIC); Orientos—Nappamerrie, -27.600878 141.106858, 5.xi.1949, S.J. Paramonov, ANIC29034902 (1♂, ANIC); Stockyard Creek, SE of Capalaba, -27.550000 153.166667, 22.ix.1985, G. and A. Daniels, GDCBReg_19562 (1♀, QM); The Beacon, Imbil State Forest, -26.500000 152.583333, 29.xii.1990, G. and A. Daniels, GDCBReg_19518 (1♀, GDCB); The Blunder Brisbane, -27.526975 153.040322, 18.ix.1966; 2.x.1966; 26–29.ix.1966; 4.x.1968, C.F. Ashby, CNC_ Diptera 255088–255099 (3♂♂, 8♀♀, ANIC); Tibrogargan Ck., - 26.933333 152.950000, Leptospermum flavescens , 30.viii.1957, F.A. Perkins, sweeping, UQIC_Reg94598 (1♀, QM); Tinnanbar, 4km SW, -25.783333 152.916667, 10m, sweeping Leptospermum , 10–12.x.2002, Burwell, Wright & Cook, QM_REG._NO._T222140 (1♀, QM); Watten, -21.009561 144.062050, M. Taylor, ANIC29034460 (1♀, ANIC); Yeppoon, -23.133408 150.733383, 20.ix.1954, I.F.B. Common, ANIC29034930 (1♀, ANIC); Culgoa Flood- plain NP, Reedy Swamp, 7km NW Toulby Gate -28.915722 146.976925, 138m, 18.xi.2009, C. Lambkin, N. Starick, hand net, QM_REG._NO._T222142; (1♀, QM); Carnarvon National Park, Mount Moffatt, summit, -25.060000 148.043333, 1097m, 13.x.2002, J.E. O’Hara, CNC_ Diptera 254981 (1♀, CNC); Girraween National Park, Hilltop 1.2km NE of Bald Rock Campground, -28.821942 151.937850, 31.xii.2014, J.H. Skevington, CNC451707; (1♂, CNC); Dayboro, 0.5 km South, -27.200000 152.816667, 18–19.ix.1999, S.G. Evans, QM_REG._NO._T223219 (1♂, QM); Girraween National Park, Hilltop 1.2km NE of Bald Rock Campground, -28.821942 151.937850, 31.xii.2014, J.H. Skevington, CNC451708 (1♂, CNC); Tasmania: Lime Bay Nature Reserve near Saltwater, - 42.972222 147.707222, 3.i.1999, J. Skevington, UQIC_Reg94555 (1♂, QM); Victoria: Tarra Bulga N, Tarra Bulga Vis. Centre, -38.429742 146.566047, 27.i.2006, W. van Steenis, AMG 55 462-5746, CNC_ Diptera 255045 (1♂, CNC); Wyperfeld National Park, Eastern Lookout, -35.594192 142.112061, 22.x.2014, J.H., A.M. and A.W. Skevington, CNC385032 (1♀, CNC); South Australia: Flinders Ranges National Park, 4 km south of Wilpeena Pound, -31.549167 138.646111, hilltop, 8.x.1997, J.&A. Skevington, hand collected, UQIC_Reg94726 (1♂, QM).

Discussion: There are five specimens labeled as syntypes in the Macquart collection of the MNHN but none of these specimens actually are syntypes, as Macquart clearly stated in his original description that it was based upon female(s) in the Bigot collection. Today there is a single female in Oxford from the Bigot collection labeled: “ Psilota / viridis / n. sp. Macq. / ♀ / Nov. Holl./ D. exot. nov. / Holotype / P. viridis EX COLL. BIGOT/Jeff_Skevington_Specimen45697”. This label is of the standard kind used by Bigot (see for example, figure 7 in Thompson (1988)), with the final three labels later added by curators and the author ADY as a unique identifier label for databasing purposes. This specimen is herewith designated lectotype and has so been labeled.

Psilota victoria Curran, 1925: 7 is a replacement name for the pre-occupied Psilota cyanea Hill, 1921 . This North Queensland species was collected in association with termites in Townsville. Unfortunately, all that remains of the type specimen is a bare pin. Thankfully, Hill deposited non-type material collected from the same location as the holotype in the MNH, including one male. As these exemplars appear to be typical specimens of P. viridis , we have chosen to synonymize the two species. It should be noted that Hill’s original description does not match these specimens exactly, as he described the thoracic pile of the specimens as being black. However, we suspect that this description was erroneous and due to poor optical equipment available to Hill at the time, rather than his holotype specimen differing significantly from the remainder of the series he collected and described as conspecific.

Unusually for Psilota , frons pilosity colouration varies within P. viridis . In most other cases, this character appears to be useful for delineating species. But, because range, genitalia, and COI barcodes are identical between pale pilose and dark pilose specimens, we refer to this as a single species.














Psilota viridis Macquart, 1847

Young, Andrew D., Skevington, Jeffrey H. & Steenis, Wouter Van 2020

Psilota victoria

Curran, C. H. 1925: 7

Psilota victoria

Curran, C. H. 1925: 7

Psilota viridis Macquart, 1847: 62

Macquart, J. 1847: 62