Adelopsis asperoides Szymczakowski, 1963

Gnaspini, Pedro & Peck, Stewart B., 2019, Redescription of the ‘ older Adelopsis’ species (Coleoptera: Leiodidae: Cholevinae: Ptomaphagini) based on the analysis of type specimens, Zootaxa 4696 (1), pp. 1-62: 38-39

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Adelopsis asperoides Szymczakowski, 1963


Adelopsis asperoides Szymczakowski, 1963  

( Figs. 179–189 View FIGURES 179–189 )

Adelopsis asperoides Szymczakowski, 1963: 675   [and Figs. 18–21 View FIGURES 17–25 ]; Gnaspini, 1996: 539 (holotype and paratype seen); Salgado, 2010: 213 (assignment to group).

Note: see Taxonomic Notes for erroneous/doubtfull citations of this species.

Type material examined: Holotype male and 1 paratype male in NMPC (Gnaspini, 1996: 541). Labels : “ São Paulo / Bras. Mráz lgt / Mus Pragense”   . Holotype here illustrated. The aedeagus of the paratype agrees with that of the holotype.

Length: 2.2 mm (original description); 2.3–2.35 mm (our measurement).

Type locality: São Paulo, [São Paulo State], Brazil   .

Additional material examined (misidentifications): 5 males ( Gnaspini, 1993: 83 [and Figs. 23–29 View FIGURES 17–25 View FIGURES 26–27 View FIGURES 28–40 ]— Brazil: Minas Gerais: Montes Claros, in cave) in MZSP—they belong in a different species (Gnaspini, 1996: 540), here described as Adelopsis claudina   sp. n.

Taxonomic Notes.

1) The Gnaspini (1993: 83) record from Minas Gerais State is here recognized as a different species ( A. claudina   sp. n., see above).

2) Salgado (2005: 969 [and Figs. 14–15 View FIGURES 4–16 ], 2015: 32) recorded this species from Santa Catarina State, Brazil (and still cited Gnaspini’s, 1993 record from Minas Gerais state, which was stated as a wrong record in Gnaspini, 1996: 540). Unfortunately, he did not illustrate the aedeagus (which is “mandatory” for the proper recognition of species in Adelopsis   ) and the genital segment illustrated (his Fig. 14 View FIGURES 4–16 ) fits any species in the subgroup grouvellei here established. The spermatheca illustrated (his Fig. 15 View FIGURES 4–16 ) is a 2-turns spermatheca, common to several species of the genus (as can be seen in several species here illustrated). Yet, this record is far from the “ type locality”, and other species occur in the area. Therefore, this record from Santa Catarina should, at least, be considered doubtfull. Other species of the subgroup grouvellei nov. recorded in Santa Catarina are A. grouvellei   (type from Bahia) and A. luculenta   (type from São Paulo) (both recorded for the first time in Santa Catarina also by Salgado, 2005), and A. aspera   (type from São Paulo), recorded by Jeannel (1936) based on a female, all here considered doubtful records (see Taxonomic Note at each species). On the other hand, A. triangulifer   is indeed recorded in both Santa Catarina and São Paulo States, based on the similarities of the aedeagus and genital segments based on illustrations, reinforcing the need for illustrating these features from several views, which was not done for the species cited in the previous phrase.

Short Redescription. Eyes normal ( Fig. 187 View FIGURES 179–189 ). Winged. Male ventrites with a pair of posterior projections. Right lobe of the aedeagus with a long arm and apex as an upside-down trapezoid with the apical margin emarginated ( Fig. 183 View FIGURES 179–189 ), with a sinuate margin ending bluntly, in lateral view ( Figs. 179, 181 View FIGURES 179–189 ). Flagellum shorter (about 3/ 4 in length) than aedeagus ( Fig. 180 View FIGURES 179–189 ). Proportion aedeagus/elytron = 0.27. Spiculum gastrale of the genital segment divided at apex, with long branches ( Fig. 186 View FIGURES 179–189 ).

Female originally unknown. Salgado (2005) recorded this species from Santa Catarina, here considered a doubtful record, illustrating the spermatheca (his Fig. 15 View FIGURES 4–16 ).

Distribution. Brazil: São Paulo State (original description; here).

Note: Doubtfull and Erroneous records (see Taxonomic Notes above): Minas Gerais ( Gnaspini, 1993) and Santa Catarina ( Salgado, 2005, 2015) States.

Taxonomic Remarks. The lateral view of the aedeagus ( Fig. 179 View FIGURES 179–189 ), together with the frontal view of the tip of the right lobe of the aedeagus ( Figs. 183, 184 View FIGURES 179–189 , showing the very distinctive ‘Y’-shaped crest, also illustrated in Fig. 21 View FIGURES 17–25 in Szyczakowski, 1963), seems to help in the recognition of this species.


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Adelopsis asperoides Szymczakowski, 1963

Gnaspini, Pedro & Peck, Stewart B. 2019

Adelopsis asperoides

Salgado, J. M. 2010: 213
Szymczakowski, W. 1963: 675