Aethiopella Handschin, 1942

Paz, Raiane Vital Da, Queiroz, Gabriel Costa & Bellini, Bruno Cavalcante, 2019, A new species of Aethiopella Handschin, 1942 (Collembola, Poduromorpha, Neanuridae) from Neotropical Region, with comments on the genus, Zootaxa 4629 (1), pp. 39-50: 40

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Aethiopella Handschin, 1942


Genus Aethiopella Handschin, 1942  

Diagnosis of the genus. Pigmented body, oval to elongate shape, paratergites and paratergal areas usually well developed. Ant. III and IV fused dorsally and separated ventrally, Ant. IV longer than Ant. III; Ant. IV apical bulb present with 1–3 vesicles, dorsally mostly with up to 8 sensilla plus or, ms present or absent, ventrally with smaller chaetae and/or blunt modified chaetae; Ant. III complete, internal sensory rods usually small under a single discrete cuticular fold, Sgd and Sgv present and generally subequal to Ant. IV sensilla, ventral microsensillum present; oral cone elongate; mandibles with 4–20 apical teeth; maxillae capitulum styliform, mostly with two lamellae fused until the apex or discretely divided apically; labial papillae missing or undeveloped; PAO moruliform, with at least two rings of 12–60 vesicles; eyes 8+8; Tita I–III with or without M chaeta; ungues with at least 1 internal tooth, capitate tenent-hairs and unguiculi absent; furca present, always with individualized manubrium, dentes and mucros, each dens with 3–7 chaetae; anal spines absent (modified and updated from Massoud 1967 and Palacios-Vargas & Montejo-Cruz 2014).

Type species: Pseudachorutes flavoantennatus Philiptschenko, 1926   .