Choerades asprospilos, Young, Charles L. & Hradský, Milan M., 2007

Young, Charles L. & Hradský, Milan M., 2007, Robber flies of South Korea III. South Korean species of the Subfamily Laphriinae Macquart, 1838 (Diptera: Asilidae), Zootaxa 1388, pp. 1-23 : 7-8

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Choerades asprospilos

sp. nov.

Choerades asprospilos   sp. nov.

( Figs. 35, 36 View FIGURES 33 – 38. 33 )

Small black flies, 11 mm. Similar to C. caudatus   and C. nigrovittatus   in size and dark color, but with contrasting white pollinose spots on the lateral edges of tergites 2–4.

Description based on two female specimens. Head: Face black and gold tomentose with sparse black hair. Mystax black, sparse. Gibbosity black and gold tomentose. Parafacial hair long, yellow. Orbital hair black. Postocular hair black, proclinate. Medial occipital surface light gray/white pollinose with sparse black hair. Ocellar tubercle with sparse, fine black hair and 2 long black bristles. Antenna black with black hair; relative lengths of segments: 3> 1> 2; postpedicel (segment 3) with an apical pit. Thorax: Scutum pale blue black, laterally covered in sparse black hair. Postpronotal lobe covered in light gray/white pollen and black hair. Chaetotaxy with: 1 notopleural; 3 supraalar, and 2 postalar bristles, all black. Short, black sparse dorsocentral hair. Discal scutellar hair sparse, black. Scutellar margin with 6 black bristles. Lateral aspect of thorax black, light gray tomentose. Anepisternum with long yellow posterior hair; 1–2 weak black bristles. Katatergal bristles long, black and yellow. Legs: Entirely black with black bristles, black, yellow and white hair. Wings: Lightly tinged black. Abdomen: clavate, shiny pale blue black with black dorsal hair and yellow/gold lateral hair on tergites 1–5. Tergites 2–4 with light gray/white pollinose spots on posterior lateral edges.

Male: Unknown.

Material examined. Holotype Ψ with the following label: South Korea, Kyongsangnam Prov., Samjeong­ Ri Mach’on, Chiri Mt. 6– 800m., 35 ° 21 ’ 36 ”N, 127 ° 38 ’ 25 E, 2 VIII– 15 /IX/ 2002, Malaise trap, C. L. Young coll. 1 Paratype Ψ with the following label: South Korea Jirisan Hamyang, Songjeon­Li Munsu­sa, 400m, 35 ° 24 ’ 739 ”N, 127 ° 43 ’ 818 ”E, 9 /VII– 17 /VIII/ 2005, P. Tripotin coll. Specimens deposited in the Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawai‘i, USA.

Etymology. Aspro­ = Gk. white + ­ spilos = Gk. spot. The species is named for the white pollinose spots on the lateral surfaces of tergites 2–4.

Field notes. The type specimens were collected in malaise traps over a ten year period.