Young, Charles L. & Hradský, Milan M., 2007, Robber flies of South Korea III. South Korean species of the Subfamily Laphriinae Macquart, 1838 (Diptera: Asilidae), Zootaxa 1388, pp. 1-23 : 20

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.175153

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Orthogonis   sp.

( Figs 20–23 View FIGURES 19 – 23. 19 , 25 View FIGURES 24 – 28 )

Orthogonis   sp. Tagawa (in press).

Medium sized metallic blue black flies, 19 mm. Wings entirely black with venation typical of the genus ( Fig. 23 View FIGURES 19 – 23. 19 ). Abdomen metallic blue black, purplish, with strong lateral margin bristles.

Description based on single male. Head: Face silver gray tomentose. Mystax long, black. Parafacial hair short, white. Facial and orbital hair long, black. Proboscis short, medially moderately flattened, apically cylindrical. Strong black postocular bristles. Ocellar tubercle with 2 long, black dorsal bristles. Antenna black; relative lengths of segments: 3> 1> 2; postpedicel (segment 3) with dorsal subapical spine. Thorax: Scutum metallic blue black with long, black sparse acrostical hair. Postpronotal lobe, transverse suture, postalar callus, and posterior margin of postsutural area of scutum silver gray pollinose. Postpronotal hair black, abundant. Chaetotaxy with 1 notopleural, 4 supraalar, 4 postalar bristles, all black. Long black dorsocentral hair. Anterior surface of scutellum silver gray pruinose, medial and apical surfaces metallic blue/black. Discal scutellar hair black, sparse. 10 strong black marginal scutellar bristles. Lateral aspect of thorax silver tomentose excluding bare black patch on anterior ventral anepisternum. Posterior anepisternum with 3 strong bristles and fine sparse hair. Abundant black katatergal bristles and hair. Anatergite silver gray tomentose. Legs: Entirely black with sparse black bristles and fine hair. Wings: ( Fig. 23 View FIGURES 19 – 23. 19 ) Entirely black. Vein closing the discal cell aligned and confluent (almost forming a straight line) with the vein closing the fourth posterior cell. Abdomen: Tergites metallic blue black with evenly distributed short black appressed hair. Tergites 2–6 with 2 to 6 strong black lateral margin bristles. Tergites 2–5 with lateral ventral margin patches of sliver gray pollen. Male genitalia: ( Figs 20–22 View FIGURES 19 – 23. 19 .) Tergite 8 reduced. Female: Unknown.

Material examined. Kang­won­Do Province 1 ɗ: 11 /VII– 7 /VIII/ 2004, Ch’unch’on Nam­Myon, Magog­ Li Hongcheon River, N 37 ° 43. 786 ’/E 127 ° 34. 589 ’, P. Tripotin coll., Malaise Trap.

Field notes. Only one male was collected in a Malaise trap, and no females within a 28 day period.