Tegenaria paragamiani, Deltshev, Christo, 2008

Deltshev, Christo, 2008, Two new spider species, Malthonica bozhkovi sp. nov. and Tegenaria paragamiani sp. nov. from Rhodopy Mountains (Bulgaria and Greece) (Araneae: Agelenidae), Zootaxa 1872, pp. 37-44 : 40-43

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.183972



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Tegenaria paragamiani

sp. nov.

Tegenaria paragamiani sp. nov.

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Type material. Holotype male, Greece, East Rhodopy Mts, Maronia vill, Maronia Cave, 250 m, 1 male and 1 female paratype, 7.– 13.02.2004, leg K. Paragamian, all SMF.

Etymology. Named in honour of the well known Greek biospeleologist Kaloust Paragamian; name in genitive case.

Diagnosis. The new species fits well to the domestica species group, closely related to Tegenaria angustipalpis Levy, 1996 ( Levy 1996) . The male palps of both species are very similar, characterised by slender and elongated cymbium and tibia. The cymbium of T. angustipalpis is distinctly longer. Differences are present also in the shape of dorsal and lateral apophysis of tibia. The conductor of M. paragamiani sp. nov. is more slender and rounded, terminal apophysis and embolus seems to be longer. Females of both species are well discernible. The epigyne and vulva of T. paragamiani sp. nov. are characterised by simple atrium and two rounded spermathecae while by T. angustipalpis the genital openings are slanting provided with long and folded ducts.

Description. Male holotype: Total length 7.12; prosoma length 3.37, width 3.00; sternum length 1.87, width 0.75; opisthosoma, length 3.75.

Dorsal shield of prosoma similar in both sexes, brown to yellow brown. Anterior median eyes close, less of one diameter apart from laterals. Posterior eyes almost equally spaced. Chelicerae brown, anterior (posterior) margin with 3 (4) teeth. Sternum grey with light median line. Opistosoma also grey. Spinnerets yellow. Legs yellowish, leg measurements as in Table 3 View TABLE 3 . Leg formula: I/IV/II/III.

Male palp ( Figs 9–14 View FIGURES 9 – 10 View FIGURES 11 – 14 ): Cymbium and tibia slender and strongly elongated. Dorsal apophysis developed as sharp tooth, lateral aphophysis also well developed as rotund outgrowth. Tegular apophysis with wide base. Conductor slender and rotund. Embolus short and thick, pointed.

Female: Total length 6.37; prosoma length 3.00, width 2.32; sternum length 1.65, width 1.50; opisthosoma, length 3.37. All characters as described for male. Leg measurements as in Table 4 View TABLE 4 .

TABLE 3. Tegenaria paragamiani sp. nov. leg measurements (holotype).

Legs Femur Patella Tibia Metatarsus Tarsus Total
I 7.35 1.50 6.97 9.25 3.15 28.22
II 6.00 1.50 5.85 6.00 2.62 21.97
III 4.72 1.35 4.87 6.00 2.25 19.19
IV 6.00 1.50 6.00 9.25 2.62 25.37

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