Endodonta marina Hutton, 1883

Brook, Fred J., Kennedy, Martyn, King, Tania M., Ridden, Johnathon, Shaw, Matthew D. & Spencer, Hamish G., 2020, Catalogue of New Zealand land, freshwater and estuarine molluscan taxa named by Frederick Wollaston Hutton between 1879 and 1904, Zootaxa 4865 (1), pp. 1-73 : 42

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Endodonta marina Hutton, 1883


Endodonta marina Hutton, 1883

Pl. 5, fig. E

Hutton , 1883. The New Zealand Journal of Science, 1: 476.

Type material. Lectotype (designated by Climo et al. 2020: 69), CMNZ M1402.1 View Materials , and paralectotype (1), CMNZ M1402.2 View Materials (dry shells).

Label details. CMNZ M1402—‘ Auckland, det. & coll. F.W. Hutton’.

CMNZ molluscan catalogue details. M1402—‘ Laoma marina Hutton , Auckland (2 specimens) (old No. 103) ’.

Type locality. ‘ Auckland (T. F. Cheeseman)’ ( Hutton 1883g: 476, 1884b: 176), ‘Remuera, near Auckland (Cheeseman)’ ( Hutton 1884c: 196).

Previous illustrations of type material. Shell illustrated by Pilsbry (1892 [in 1892–1893]: pl. 23, figs. 17, 19, 20, ‘H. Suter, del.’) possibly from type series; Climo et al. (2020: fig. 2A—lectotype).

Remarks. Hutton submitted a description of Endodonta marina to the Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute issue for 1883, but publication was delayed until May 1884 ( Hutton 1884b: 176), and was pre-empted by a brief description in an account of a meeting of the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury ( Hutton 1883g: 476). Hutton differentiated this species from the morphologically similar Endodonta nerissa Hutton, 1883 , which he described from the same type locality (see below), on the basis of the number and arrangement of lamellae inside the aperture of the shell. Suter (1892d: 283) examined populations of putative marina and nerissa from Mt Wellington, Auckland, and Forty-Mile Bush, Wairarapa, and concluded that these two species were synonyms. This interpretation was followed by Hedley & Suter (1893: 646), Suter (1894b: 274, 1913: 735) and others, who recorded marina sensu lato as having a wide distribution in the North Island south of Auckland, and in Marlborough Sounds, South Island (e.g., Powell 1979: 325). However, Climo et al. (2020) reinstated nerissa as a valid species, noting that there are consistent morphological differences between it and marina . They recorded marina as having a relatively wide distribution in the northern North Island between Hokianga and Mt Pirongia ( Climo et al. 2020: 78, fig. 14B), but examination of material in museum collections, and preliminary genetic analyses (M. Kennedy & T. King unpub. data), indicate that this refers to a complex of species. The distribution of marina is here interpreted as being restricted to western Northland and Auckland regions only (below), pending further study.

Specimens in CMNZ M1049, with catalogue details ‘ Laoma marina Hutton , Auckland (old number ZS 772)’, were treated as primary type material (syntypes) of Endodonta marina Hutton, 1883 by Freeman et al. (1997: 32), but this does not stand scrutiny. This lot contains one dry shell matching Hutton’s description of marina (M1049.2, see Climo et al. 2020: fig. 2F), and three shells (M1049.1, M1049.3, M1049.4, see Climo et al. 2020, figs. 2C–E) that match the original description of Endodonta nerissa Hutton, 1883 . The fact that this is a mixed lot clearly indicates that it was not part of Hutton’s type series of marina , and the species identification suggests that it postdates Suter’s (1892d: 283) synonymy of E. marina and E. nerissa .

Current taxonomy. Laoma marina (Hutton, 1883) — Suter (1892d: 285, 1913: 735), Powell (1979: 325), Spencer et al. (2009: 217), Climo et al. (2020: 69).

Distribution. New Zealand; North Island, Waipoua to Auckland (AIM and NMNZ collection records).


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