Eupholidoptera marashensis Salman, 1983

Ciplak, Battal, Heller, Klaus-Gerhard & Willemse, Fer, 2009, 2156, Zootaxa 2156, pp. 1-75 : 17-19

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Eupholidoptera marashensis Salman, 1983


Eupholidoptera marashensis Salman, 1983  

( Figures 11, 56, 102, 148, 192, 234, 237, Appendix)

Eupholidoptera marashensis Salman, 1983: 331   .

Eupholidoptera raggei Salman, 1983: 333   . syn. n..

Type information: Holotype M; TURKEY, Kahramanmaraş, Andırın, Kaleboyu Köyü , 1450 m, 8.8.1976 (S. Salman); 1 F paratype, same locality (both NHM)  

Material examined: TURKEY: Kahramanmaraş: Holotype and paratype; Adana: 1M (holotype of E. raggei   ), Kozan , Sirkinti, Kızılhöyük Ormanları, 20.8.1976 (S: Salman) ( NHM)   ; 1M, 1F (nymph) Feke, Gürleşen Köyü , 700 m, 15.7.1997; 2M, 2F (nymphs), Kozan, Horzum kuzeyi, 600 m, 15.7.1997 (B. Çıplak) ( AUZM)   ; 2F (1F nymph), Kozan, Horzum , 17.7.1997 (B. Çıplak) ( AUZM)   ; 1F, Kozan-Feke karayolu, 15.7.1997 (B. Çıplak) ( AUZM)   ; 2M, Saimbeyli, road between Saimbeyli-Tufanbeyli, 5 km from Saimbeyli , 1255 m, 19.7.2005, N 38°01.322', E 036°06.337' (B.Ciplak, D.Sirin & M.S. Taylan) (in alcohol) ( AUZM) (sound record)   ; Kayseri: 1M, 4F (nymphs) Saimbeyli-Develi yolu, 1950 m, 16.7.1997 (B. Çıplak); ( AUZM)   .

Other known localities: Ünal (2006; as Eupholidoptera raggei   );

Distribution: The range of this species covers the western part of the Kahramanmaras and east/ northeastern part of Adana provinces of Turkey in Eastern Mediterranean Turkey.

Remarks: Both E. marashensis   and E. raggei   were described by Salman (1983) from neighbouring areas in the eastern part of Mediterranean Anatolia (Adana and Kahramanmaras provinces) and diagnosed according to the size of the titillators. Recently collected material from an area between the two type localities of E. marashensis   and E. raggei (Saimbeyli-Adana)   showed intermediate characteristics. Thus, both names are assumed to in fact represent a single species. Since in the original descriptions both male and female of E. marashensis   were described but of E. raggei   only the male, the first name is retained and the second is placed in synonymy with the first.

Eupholidoptera uvarovi   (Karaba ğ, 1952)

( Figures 12, 57, 103, 149, 193, 233, 234, 237, Appendix)

Pholidoptera (Eupholidoptera) uvarovi Karabağ, 1952b: 135–137   .

Uvarovistia (Karabagia) uvarovi (Karabağ, 1952) Harz, 1969   .

Eupholidoptera uvarovi (Karabağ, 1952)   : Heller et al. 1998.

Type information: Holotype M, GREECE, Dodecanese , Island of Karpathos, Lastos, 600 m, 21.7.1950 (P. H. Davis); paratapes from the same (3M, 4F) and another locality (1F) (all NHM).  

Material examined: GREECE, Island of Karpathos : Holotype and paratypes; Paratype 1F, Phiniki , 27.7.1950 (P.H. Davis) ( NHM); Chamili-Sattel bei Volada , 15– 18.6.1935 & Lastros Gebirge, 15.6.1935, O.Wettstein, Pholidoptera chabrieri Charp.   det. Werner (1M 1F NMW, 1F CW); 4M, Lefkos (35°35'N, 27°4'E), 15– 20.5.2005, (K.-G. Heller, M. Heller, M. Volleth) (CH) (sound record); 2F, Lefkos: Umg. Römische Zisterne (35°35'N, 27°4'E), 15.5.2005, (M. Heller, M. Volleth)( CH); 3M, 1 F, Mt. Lastos, 100 m below summit (35°34'N, 27°9'E), 900 m, 19.5.2005, (K.-G. & M. Heller, M. Volleth, E. Wolter)(CH) (sound record) GoogleMaps   .

Distribution: This species is endemic to the island of Karpathos in the southern Aegean.

Remarks: This species was originally described as Pholidoptera (Eupholidoptera) uvarovi   by Karabaǧ (1952b). Later, Harz (1969) transferred it to Uvarovistia   and established the new subgenus Karabagia   to include this species since the last 2–3 abdominal tergits of E. uvarovi   are black as in Uvarovistia   . However, other features of the species, especially those of the male subgenital plate and cerci, are similar to the species of the E. chabrieri   group. Thus, this species is included in Eupholidoptera   as suggested in the original description ( Karabaǧ, 1952b).


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Eupholidoptera marashensis Salman, 1983

Ciplak, Battal, Heller, Klaus-Gerhard & Willemse, Fer 2009

Eupholidoptera marashensis

Salman, S. 1983: 331

Eupholidoptera raggei

Salman, S. 1983: 333

Pholidoptera (Eupholidoptera) uvarovi Karabağ, 1952b: 135–137

Karabag, T. 1952: 137