Bañon, Rafael, Arronte, Juan Carlos, Rodriguez-Cabello, Cristina, Piñeiro, Carmen-Gloria, Punzon, Antonio & Serrano, Alberto, 2016, Commented checklist of marine fishes from the Galicia Bank seamount (NW Spain), Zootaxa 4067 (3), pp. 293-333: 297-298

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Family Centrophoridae  

Centrophorus granulosus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801)   —Gulper shark

218 specimens were caught at depths between 823 and 1,119 m. Length data were recorded for all specimens: two males of 115 cm TL and 216 females between 107 and 166 cm TL (145.4 ± 12.4). The main biological data of the specimens of C. granulosus   captured in Galician waters, including the Galicia Bank, were previously reported by Bañón et al. (2008). Habitat and Distribution: deep-water shark of the outer continental shelves and upper slopes at depths from 50 to 1,440 m. Widely distributed in all ocean basins except the eastern Pacific. Vulnerability: CR ( IUCN), VU ( OSPAR), VHV (FishBase).

Centrophorus squamosus (Bonnaterre, 1788)   —Leafscale gulper shark

1,329 specimens were caught at depths between 749 and 1,119 m. Length data were available for 1,226 specimens, with males between 88 and 129 cm (110.9 ± 4.1, N= 1,015) and females between 96 and 144 cm (122.2 ± 10.6, N= 211). The main biological data relating to C. squamosus   caught in Galician waters, including the Galicia Bank, were previously reported ( Bañón et al. 2006 a). Habitat and Distribution: deepwater gulper shark of the continental slopes from 229 to over 4,000 m depth, but rare above 1,000 m depth. Eastern Atlantic, western North Atlantic (one record from Venezuela), western Indian, and western Pacific oceans. Vulnerability: EN ( IUCN), VU ( OSPAR), VHV (FishBase).

Deania calcea (Lowe, 1839)   —Birdbeak dogfish

Prior to 2009 this species was classified erroneously together with D. profundorum   , and since then only 4 males, from 90 to 108 cm TL, were caught at depths between 851 and 916 m. Habitat and Distribution: outer continental and insular shelves and upper, middle, and lower slopes from 60 to 1,490 m depth, but usually at depths between 400 and 900 m. Wide and patchy distribution in the eastern Atlantic ( Iceland to southern Africa) and Pacific oceans ( Chile, Peru, Japan, southern Australia and New Zealand). Vulnerability: EN ( IUCN), HHV (FishBase).

Deania profundorum   (Smith & Radcliffe, 1912)—Arrowhead dogfish

Until 2009 this species was misidentified as D. calcea   . It was correctly identified in 2009 based on morphological and molecular approaches ( Sanjuán et al. 2012). 83 specimens were caught at depths between 749 and 1,079 m. Length data were available for 70 specimens ranging from 25 to 88 cm TL (61.8 ± 17.6), with males between 27 and 76 cm TL (61.9 ± 13.7, N= 32) and females between 25 and 88 cm TL (61.8 ± 20.4, N= 38). Habitat and Distribution: bathydemersal with patchy distribution in eastern Atlantic, western Indian, and western Pacific oceans from 275 to 1,785 m depth. Vulnerability: LC ( IUCN), HHV (FishBase).

Deania hystricosa ( Garman, 1906)   —Rough longnose dogfish

4 specimens were caught between 766 and 909 m depth. Only one specimen was measured, a female of 100 cm TL. Habitat and Distribution: benthic and probably epibenthic of the upper and middle continental and insular slopes, at depths between 471 and 1,300 m. Patchily distributed in eastern Atlantic and western North Pacific. Vulnerability: DD ( IUCN), HHV (FishBase).