Glyptapanteles compressiventris (Muesebeck, 1921)

Fernandez-Triana, Jose, Buffam, Joel, Beaudin, Melanie, Davis, Hannah, Ana Fernandez-Galliano,, Griffin, Emily, Lin, Shang-Yao, McAulay, Megan K., Richter, Robin, Rodriguez, Freddy & Varkonyi, Gergely, 2017, An annotated and illustrated checklist of Microgastrinae wasps (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) from the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Greenland, ZooKeys 691, pp. 49-101 : 57-58

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Glyptapanteles compressiventris (Muesebeck, 1921)


Glyptapanteles compressiventris (Muesebeck, 1921) Fig. 12




A total of 14 specimens from Baffin and Dorset Islands. Only Clyde River (Clyde Inlet) can be considered northern (70° 29' N); the other localities are from southern Baffin Island and Dorset Island (62-64° N). There are many specimens in the CNC from more southern Canadian localities, suggesting that this species is likely more common in southern Nearctic areas and that the CAA is the northernmost limit of the species’ range. Available barcodes suggest that the name compressiventris may include at least two cryptic species, but that is beyond the scope of this paper and thus for now all Canadian specimens are left under that name. The available DNA sequences for this species correspond in BOLD to BIN BOLD:ACE5800.