Patellapis volutatoria, (Cameron 1905)

Timmermann, Kim & Kuhlmann, Michael, 2009, Variable Selection and Inference for Multi-period Forecasting Problems, Zootaxa 2099, pp. 1-188: 181-188

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scientific name

Patellapis volutatoria


P. volutatoria (Cameron 1905)  

Halictus volutatorius Cameron, 1905b: 185   .

Pauly (1999) mentioned he studied the type in the BMNH but it was not retrievable in the collection   .


The work was funded in part by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Systematic Research Fund (SRF) to the first author. We are indebted to the following persons and institutions for the loan of material: S. and F. Gess, A. Kirk-Spriggs (AMGS), J.G. Rozen (AMNH), T.L. Griswold (BLCU), G. Else and D. Notton (BMNH), B.N. Danforth (CUIC), M. Cochrane (SAMC), C.D. Eardley (SANC), M. Krüger (TMSA) and F. Koch (ZMHB). A. Pauly, Brussels, kindly organized loans from CAS, LACM, MNHN and RMCA. The language was kindly improved by G. Broad, London, and S. Roberts, Salisbury.


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Appendix. Gazetteer of collecting sites (in alphabetical order).


Mount Cameroon , 1300–1500m: 4°17'N / 9°11'E GoogleMaps  


Kivu, Rutshuru , 1285m: 01°12'S / 29°25'E GoogleMaps  

Lwiro Riv 47 km N of Bukavu, 1650m: 02°31'S / 28°51'E

Virunga National Park, Kivu Kalondo (lac Ndaraga, Mokoto), 1750m: 00°48'S / 29°18'E GoogleMaps  

Virunga National Park, Lukulu (Kivu): 00°48'S / 29°18'E GoogleMaps  

Virunga National Park, Mt Sesero (next Bitashimwa), 2000m: 00°48'S / 29°18'E

Virunga National Park, Mugunga, Lac Kivu, 1500m: 01°14'S / 29°01'E GoogleMaps  

Virunga National Park, Mulikirehe, Rumangabo, 1500m: 01°20'S / 29°21'E

Virunga National Park, Nyarusambo, 2000m: 01°27'S / 29°20'E

Virunga National Park, Rwindi, 1000m: 00°48'S / 29°18'E


Kakamega Distr., Isecheno, Isecheno Gorest Reserve , 1600m: 01°02'S / 35°43'E GoogleMaps  

Laikipia Distr., Ewaso Ngiro, near Mpala Reserach Centre, 1600m: 01°08'S / 35°45'E GoogleMaps  


Mopelistream 40 miles E Maseru, Basutoland : 29°24'S / 27°54'E GoogleMaps  


Mlanje: 16°02'S / 35°30'E

Rumpi: 11°01'S / 33°51'E


16 km ESE Seeis : 22°28'S / 17°44'E GoogleMaps  

28 km W Seeis: 22°26'S / 17°27'E

Aus: 26°40'S / 16°14'E

Farm Namtib, 60 km NE Aus: 25°57'S / 16°11'E

Near Orange River, 14 km S Rosh Pinah: 28°17'S / 16°55'E

Okahandja: 21°58'S / 16°54'E

Regenstein, 15 mls. SSW Windhoek: 22°42'S / 16°55'E

Swakopmund: 22°40'S / 14°33'E

Uguchab River near Aurusberg: 27°32'S / 16°11'E

Windhoek: 22°34'S / 17°05'E


Eastern Cape:

2 km N Steytlerville , 425m: 33°20'S / 24°22'E GoogleMaps  

3 km N Steytlerville, 440m: 33°18'19ʺS / 24°22'01ʺE

6 km N Steytlerville, 500m: 33°16'50ʺS / 24°22'47ʺE

37 km NW Willowmore, Grootrivierberg Rng, 700m: 31°11'28ʺS / 24°09'31ʺE

40 km W Steytlerville, Elandsheuwels Farm, 600m: 33°16'33ʺS / 23°55'13ʺE

3 miles W Grahamstown: 33°18'S / 26°31'E

4 miles NE Steytlerville: 33°18'S / 24°22'E

10 miles N Grahamstown: 33°13'S / 26°31'E

Albert Dist. Bet. Burghersdorp & Nooitgedacht: 30°45'S / 26°30'E

Aliwal North: 30°41'S / 26°42'E

Bosrand, Afdeling Farm: 30°47'S / 26°04'E

Graaf Reinet: 32°18'S / 24°32'E

Grahamstown: 33°18'S / 26°31'E

Grahamstown, Belmont Valley: 33°18'S / 26°31'E

Grahamstown, Hilton: 33°19'S / 26°32'E

Grahamstown, Resolution: 33°18'S / 26°31'E

Grahamstown, Table Farm: 33°18'S / 26°31'E

Grootfontein College, near Middelburg: 31°29'S / 25°00'E

Hogsback, 1140m: 32°34'S / 26°56'E

Jeffreys Bay : 34°03'S / 24°55'E GoogleMaps  

Katberg, 4000ft: 32°29'S / 26°41'E

Kenton-on-Sea: 33°41'S / 26°41'E

Lady Grey: 30°42'S / 27°13'E

Mannetjie Farm (31,9 km 262° W Kirkwood): 33°32'S / 25°08'E

Pearston: 32°35'S / 25°08'E

Port St. Johns, Pondoland: 31°38'S / 29°32'E

Queenstown, 3500ft: 31°53'S / 26°53'E

Rivierberg Rng. Plessierivier, 43 km NE Willowmore Hwy R 337, 650m: 33°08'19ʺS / 23°50'24ʺE GoogleMaps  

Schilpad Laagte farm (15,4 km 226° SW Kirkwood ): 33°31'S / 25°22'E GoogleMaps  

Somerset East : 32°43'S / 25°35'E GoogleMaps  

Uitenhage: 33°45'S / 25°23'E

Umtata, Transkei: 31°34'S / 28°47'E

Willowmore : 33°18'S / 23°30'E GoogleMaps  

Willowmore , Vondeling: 33°18'S / 23°30'E GoogleMaps  

Wolwekraal Farm, Bauaiaanskloof Mts, 28 km S Steytlerville, 535m: 33°32'46ʺS / 24°21'17ʺE

Wolwekraal Farm, Bauaiaanskloof Mts, 29 km S Steytlerville, 620m: 33°33'46ʺS / 24°21'07ʺE

Free State

Adullam farm near Clarens: 28°34'S / 28°28'E

Ficksburg: 28°52'18"S / 27°53'17"E

Harrismith: 28°16'S / 29°07'E

North Bank Halt, Norvals Pont: 30°38'S / 25°27'E

Tussen-die-Riviere Res., near Bethulie: 30°30'S / 26°12'E

Van Reenen: 28°22'S / 29°22'E

Witzieshoek, 6000ft: 28°31'S / 28°48'E


Johannesburg: 26°10'S / 28°02'E

Pretoria: 25°45'S / 28°12'E

Saltpan: 25°24'S / 28°06'E


4 miles SW Ubombo : 27°36'S / 32°03'E GoogleMaps  

75 km WSW Eastcourt: 29°11'S / 29°39'E

Cathedral Peak area above Mike´s Pass, 1973m: 28°59'S / 29°14'E

Cathedral Peak Forestry Area: 28°55'S / 29°14'E

Cathedral Peak Hotel, 28 miles S Winterton, 4700ft: 28°55'S / 29°14'E

Cobham NR, s D`Berg, up Pholela valley from the camp: 29°41'49ʺS / 29°24'10ʺE

Coleford Nat. res. (19,4 km 211° SW Underberg ): 29°57'S / 29°27'E GoogleMaps  

Drakensburg National Park : 28°55'S / 29°24'E GoogleMaps  

Eshowe: 28°53'S / 31°28'E

Midlands above Howick. Summit Mnt. Gilboa, approx. 1770m: 29°17'10"S / 30°17'33"E GoogleMaps  

Nagle Dam 17 miles E Pietermaritzburg: 30°36'S / 29°35'E

Nottingham Road : 29°22'S / 29°59'E GoogleMaps  

Royal Natal National Park: 28°25'S / 29°03'E

Silverton: 29°50'S / 30°35'E

Southern Drakensberg, Bushman’s Nek. Slove above parking: 29°50'07"S / 29°12'45"E

Southern Drakensberg, Sani Pass: 29°36'S / 29°22'E

Summit of Mt. Gilboa: 29°17'S / 30°16'E

Weenen: 28°51'S / 30°05'E


Entabeni Forest Res., Soutpansberg: 23°00'S / 30°16'E GoogleMaps  

Lekgalameetse Nat Reserve : 24°10'S / 30°14'E GoogleMaps  

Wolkberg: 24°01'S / 29°48'E


7 km S Graskop, along road to Sabie , 1300m: 24°57'23ʺS / 30°48'27ʺE GoogleMaps  

10 km N Graskop, near God`s Window overlook, 1550m: 24°54'13ʺS / 30°51'35ʺE

Northern Cape

2 km E Port Nolloth : 29°15'42ʺS / 16°53'36ʺE GoogleMaps  

2 km W Nieuwoudtville, near Grasberg, 742m: 31°21'05ʺS / 19°05'49ʺE

4 km S of Southerland: 32°25'S / 20°39'E

7 km W Nieuwoudtville, 830m: 31°22'36ʺS / 19°01'10ʺE

7 km WNW of Wallekraal on road to Hondeklip Bay: 30°23'S / 17°31'E

8–12 km NWN Steinkopf, 940m: 29°13'S / 17°39'E

15 km NW Calvinia, 1000m: 31°23'S / 19°36'E

15 km NW Nieuwoudtville, Farm Engelsepunt, Fynbos, Pf E 1, 830m: 31°14'30ʺS / 18°59'13ʺE

15 km NW Nieuwoudtville, 800m N Farm Engelsepunt: 31°14'S / 18°59'E

15 km NW Nieuwoudtville, near farm Engelsepunt, Pf E 2, 843m: 31°14'08ʺS / 18°58'23ʺE

20 km S Nieuwoudtville, Farm Papkuilsfontein, Fynbos, 680m: 31°33'16ʺS / 19°08'31ʺE

20 km NE Kuruman: 27°24'11ʺS / 23°38'36ʺE

29.7 km NW Sutherland: 32°13'S / 20°32'E

3017BD, 3,6 km E of Garagans: 30°20'S / 17°50'E

3017BD, 7,9 km E of Garagans: 30°20'S / 17°52'E

3017BD, 8 km E Karkams: 30°20'S / 17°53'E

2816BD, Richtersveld Helskloof: 28°20'S / 16°50'E

3119BC, Farm Toren: 31°20'S / 18°40'E

Bowesdorp: 30°09'S / 17°56'E

Brandkop: 31°13'S / 19°12'E

Calvinia: 31°28'S / 19°45'E

Dassiefontein Farm, 14 km E Kammieskroon: 30°09'S / 17°59'E

Doringrivier near Nieuwoudtville: 31°18'S / 19°07'E GoogleMaps  

Farm Blomfontein, Fynbos, 733m: 31°44'S / 19°08'E

Farm Papkuilsfontein: 31°30'S / 19°10'E

Garies: 30°30'S / 18°00'E

Groenekloof, 7,5 km SE of Leliefontein: 30°20'S / 18°06'E

Hantams Mountains, 30km N Calvinia, road side, dolerite, 880m: 31°12'09ʺS / 19°50'04ʺE

Hantams Mountains, 32km N Calvinia, S Klipwerf Farm, river bank, 870m: 31°10'32ʺS / 19°52'42ʺE

Kamiesberg: 30°10'S / 18°01'E

Kamiesberg Pass, 4 km ENE of Kamieskroon: 30°11'S / 17°59'E

Kamiesberg, 1 km NW of Leliefontein: 30°17'S / 18°04'E

Kamiesberg, 2 km S of Leliefontein: 30°18'S / 18°05'E

Kamieskroon: 30°12'S / 17°55'E

Kamieskroon, Bakleikraal: 30°13'S / 18°03'E

Kamieskroon / Leliefontein.Rd 3 km SE Gamoep T /O: 29°55'S / 18°25'E GoogleMaps  

Koeroegap: 28°14'S / 17°02'E

Leliefontein: 30°19'S / 18°05'E

Nababeep (Nababiep): 29°35'S / 17°46'E

Near Sutherland: 32°23'S / 20°39'E

Nieuwoudtville : 31°22'S / 19°07'E GoogleMaps  

Nieuwoudtville, Botanic Gardens: 31°22'S / 19°08'E

Nieuwoudtville, Caravan Park: 31°22'S / 19°07'E

Nieuwoudtville, entrance to Farm Glenlyon, 700m: 31°23'S / 19°08'E

Nieuwoudtville , garden: 31°22'S / 19°07'E GoogleMaps  

Nieuwoudtville, Farm Glenlyon, 700m: 31°24'03ʺS / 19°08'34ʺE

Nieuwoudtville, Farm Glenlyon, garden 700m: 31°23'50ʺS / 19°08'34ʺE

Nieuwoudtville, Farm Glenlyon, Camel Koppie, Renosterveld, 781m: 31°25'S / 19°09'E

Nieuwoudtville , pad to Farm Glenlyon (road to R27), 740m: 31°23'24ʺS / 19°09'06ʺE GoogleMaps  

Nieuwoudtville , pad to Farm Glenlyon (road to R27), slope, 737m: 31°23'25ʺS / 19°08'28ʺE GoogleMaps  

Nieuwoudtville, Skuinshoogte Pass: 31°16'S / 19°08'E

Nieuwoudtville Waterfall : 31°19'S / 19°07'E GoogleMaps  

Nieuwoudtville Wild Flower Reserve: 31°22'25ʺS / 19°08'46ʺE

Nieuwoudtville Wild Flower Reserve East, 735m: 31°21'55ʺS / 19°08'52ʺE

Nieuwoudtville Wild Flower Reserve, Car Park East, 730m: 31°22'18ʺS / 19°08'58ʺE

Nieuwoudtville Wild Flower Reserve, Dolerite Flats: 31°21'57ʺS / 19°08'52ʺE

Nieuwoudtville Wild Flower Reserve, Dolerite Hills, 770m: 31°22'10ʺS / 19°08'50ʺE

Nieuwoudtville , Trekpad Site (1,7 km 336° NNW Nieuwoudtville): 31°21'S / 19°06'E GoogleMaps  

Oorlogskloof farm, Beacon Site, 6,65 km 158° SSE Nieuwoudtville : 31°25'18ʺS / 19°09'35ʺE GoogleMaps  

Prov. Papkuilsfontein, 15 km S Nieuwoudtville: 31°32'59ʺS / 19°09'30ʺE

Remhoogte: 30°14'S / 18°10'E

Richtersveld N Park Koeroegabvlakte: 28°11'S / 17°03'E

Soebatsfontein: 30°06'S / 17°34'E

Sors Sors, 9 km NE of Kamieskroon: 30°09'S / 17°57'E

Sors Sors/Taaiboskraal: 30°08'S / 18°01'E

Springbok, Goegap Nature Reserve: 29°38'S / 17°58'E

Springbok, Hester Malan Nature Reserve: 29°38'S / 17°55'E

Steinkopf: 29°19'S / 17°44'E

Vanwyksvlei: 30°20'S / 21°49'E

Willemsrivier farm (1,72 km 334° NNW Nieuwoudtville ): 31°21'S / 19°06'E GoogleMaps  

Witwater: 30°14'S / 18°08'E

North West

Rustenburg Nature Reserve : 25°40'S / 27°12'E GoogleMaps  

Western Cape

2 km SW Papendrop , 25m: 31°42'36ʺS / 18°12'29ʺE GoogleMaps  

5 km W Graafwater: 32°09'S / 18°32'E

6 km E Montegu: 33°49'57ʺS / 20°10'31ʺE

6 km from Ladismith on road to Barrydale: 33°30'S / 21°15'E

7 km W Nieuwoudtville, 830m: 31°22'36ʺS / 19°01'10ʺE

9 km NE Vanrhynsdorp, Droerivier, 160m: 31°42'36ʺS / 18°12'29ʺE

10 km W Algeria, Clanwilliam road: 32°21'S / 19°03'E GoogleMaps  

11 km SW Willowmore hwy R 90, 920m: 33°22'44ʺS / 23°24'41ʺE GoogleMaps  

13 km E of Williston: 31°21'S / 20°49'E

16km E Clanwilliam, 713m: 32°08'S / 18°59'E

20 km S Clanwilliam: 32°18'S / 18°54'E

20 km NE Montagu: 33°41'S / 20°15'E

28 km E of Velddrif: 32°46'S / 18°21'E

3 miles S Avontuur: 33°44'S / 23°10'E

4 miles S of Clanwilliam: 32°12'S / 18°53'E

5 miles NE Worcester: 33°36'S / 19°30'E

41 miles E Barrydale: 33°54'S / 21°21'E

3118DD, Piketberg, Farm Spitzkop: 31°50'S / 18°50'E

3118AB, Skurfkop Sr.: 31°10'S / 18°20'E

3218BA, Graafwater, 8 km W: 32°10'S / 18°10'E

3218 BB, Ramskop Camp Clanwilliam: 32°10'S / 18°50'E GoogleMaps  

3218 BB, Clanwilliam 7 km Sth.: 32°10'S / 18°50'E GoogleMaps  

3218 BB, Groenvlei: 32°10'S / 18°50'E GoogleMaps  

3218 BB, Ramskop Camp, Clanwilliam: 32°10'S / 18°50'E GoogleMaps  

3218BC, Palersheuwal Bergvaley: 32°18'S / 18°43'E

3218DB, Eerdekua: 32°40'S / 18°50'E

3219AB, Bidouw Pass: 32°10'S / 19°20'E

3219AB, bottom of Bidouw Pass: 32°10'S / 19°20'E

3222BC, Beaufort West, Karoo National Park: 32°20'S / 22°40'E

3318AA, Langebaan: 33°05'S / 18°02'E

3422AA, Moordkuil Valley, Water Affaire Survey, North slope: 34°10'S / 22°10'E

Aties Farm, 11 km W Vanrhynsdorp, 65m: 31°40'38ʺS / 18°39'25ʺE

Bains Kloof: 33°36'S / 19°05'E

Beaufort West: 32°20'S / 22°30'E

Biedouw Valley : 32°08'S / 19°14'E GoogleMaps  

Caleta Cove, E bank Clanwilliam Dam: 32°14'20ʺS / 18°55'45ʺE

Camps Bay, Cape Peninsula : 33°57'S / 18°22'E GoogleMaps  

Cape Town , 260m: 34°02'34ʺS / 18°25'49ʺE GoogleMaps  

Cape Town, above Tokai Forest, Constantiaberge , above Donkersboskloof , 460m: 34°02'S / 18°23'E GoogleMaps  

Cape Town, Devil`s Peak : 33°57'S / 18°27'E GoogleMaps  

Cape Town, Lion`s Head : 33°57'S / 18°27'E GoogleMaps  

Cape Town, Milnerton : 33°57'S / 18°27'E GoogleMaps  

Cape Town, Signal Hill : 33°57'S / 18°27'E GoogleMaps  

Ceres, 1500ft: 33°21'S / 19°18'E

Citrusdal: 32°36'S / 18°59'E

Clanwilliam: 32°07'S / 18°52'E

Clanwilliam 5 km S: 32°11'S / 18°52'E

Clanwilliam 20 km E: 32°07'S / 19°02'E

Clanwilliam 11 km W: 32°09'S / 18°45'E

Clanwilliam, Nardouw: 32°10'S / 18°53'E

Clanwilliam Dam, E bank 19,2 km S caravan park: 32°15'S / 18°55'E

Dist. Worcester, Karoo, Botanic Gardens 3319 CB: 33°40'S / 19°20'E GoogleMaps  

Glencaim, Cape Peninsula : 34°09'S / 18°25'E GoogleMaps  

Graafwater: 32°09'S / 18°37'E

Holfontein, 20 km S Clanwilliam: 32°18'S / 18°54'E

Kamferskraal farm, Site K3, Nama Karoo on dolerite soils: 32°13'53ʺS / 22°58'59ʺE

Kanga Mtn Resort: 33°31'S / 22°21'E

Knersvlakte: 31°23'57ʺS / 18°41'45ʺE

Knersvlakte, 10 km S Farm Kalkgat, Sonst.: 31°22'S / 18°42'E

Knersvlakte, 20 km N Vanrhynsdorp, 211m: 31°26'24ʺS / 18°41'48ʺE

Knersvlakte, 5km N Grootdrif, 195m: 31°26'40ʺS / 18°56'23ʺE

Knersvlakte, 30 km N Vanrhynsdorp, Pf K 1, 146m: 31°22'23ʺS / 18°42'37ʺE

Knersvlakte, 40 km NE Vanrhynsdorp, Farm Kalkgat, Pf K 2, 140m: 31°07'04ʺS / 18°55'18ʺE

Knersvlakte, Sukkulent Karoo, Sonst., 140m: 31°03'52ʺS / 18°57'43ʺE

Knersvlakte, Vanrhynsdorp, urban garden: 31°36'31ʺS / 18°44'02ʺE

Knysna: 34°03'S / 23°03'E

Kommetjie: 34°08'S / 18°20'E

Kunje Farm, 28 km SE Citrusdal, 760m: 32°40'21ʺS / 19°12'40ʺE

Lamberts Bay : 32°08'S / 18°28'E GoogleMaps  

Lammerskraaf, Prince Albert District: 33°15'S / 22°00'E

Lutzville: 31°33'S / 18°21'E

Mamre: 33°30'S / 18°28'E

Matjesfontein: 33°14'S / 20°35'E

Montagu: 33°47'S / 20°07'E

Mossel Bay : 34°15'S / 22°10'E GoogleMaps  

Mowers, Robertson: 33°57'S / 19°52'E

Murraysburg District : 31°57'S / 23°45'E GoogleMaps  

Near Redelinghuys: 32°28'S / 18°31'E

Near Bot Rivier: 34°14'S / 19°11'E

Near Die Berg, 590m: 32°12'35ʺS / 18°44'51ʺE

Near Lamberts Bay, 140m: 32°10'52ʺS / 18°26'08ʺE

Near Peerboomskloof Pass in Ceres Karoo: 32°52'S / 19°42'E

Oudtshoorn: 33°39'S / 22°13'E

Piketberg, Kapteinskloof, Hartereesriver: 32°54'S / 18°44'E

Ratelfontein/Olaf Bergfontein: 32°02'01ʺS / 18°35'31ʺE

Robertson, 900ft: 33°48'S / 19°53'E

Roggeveld Escarpment: 32°33'S / 20°36'E

Rust en Vrede : 33°35'S / 22°11'E GoogleMaps  

Sevilla, 40 km W Clanwilliam: 32°05'06ʺS / 19°05'25ʺE

Sparaxis Hill, S   of Clanwilliam: 32°11'S / 18°53'E

Stellenbosch: 33°56'S / 18°51'E

Stellenbosch, Jonkershoek: 33°56'S / 18°51'E

Strandfontein, 42m: 31°45'11ʺS / 18°13'37ʺE

Swellendam: 34°01'S / 20°25'E

Touws Rivier: 33°20'S / 20°02'E

Uniondale: 33°40'S / 23°10'E

Vanrhynsdorp: 31°36'S / 18°45'E

Vanrhynsdorp, near Water Fall: 31°47'30ʺS / 18°45'58ʺE

Verlorevlei, near Elands Bay, 24m: 32°17'51ʺS / 18°21'28ʺE

Welgemoed nr. 20 km S Worcester, 200m: 33°43'55ʺS / 19°26'38ʺE

Worcester: 33°39'S / 19°26'E

Wuppertal: 32°17'S / 19°13'E

Ysterfontein: 33°21'S / 18°09'E


Kilimanjaro, Kibonoto , 1300–1900m: 03°12'S / 37°15'E GoogleMaps  

Nangwa SE, side Mt Hanang, 6300ft: 04°28'S / 35°26'E

Tanganyika Terr., Bunduki Uluguru Mts., moy. Mgeta, 1300m: 06°51'S / 37°40'E

Tanganyika Terr., Kilimanjaro, Marangu, Versant SE, 1800–2200m: 03°17'S / 37°30'E GoogleMaps  


Leopard Rock Vumba Mts. : 19°06'S / 32°36'E GoogleMaps  

Vumba, Umtali: 18°58'S / 32°39'E


Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile


Tavera, Department of Geology and Geophysics


Buffalo Bill Museum


The CB Rhizobium Collection














Patellapis volutatoria

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Halictus volutatorius

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