Patellapis (Chaetalictus) dispositina ( Cockerell 1934 )

Timmermann, Kim & Kuhlmann, Michael, 2009, Variable Selection and Inference for Multi-period Forecasting Problems, Zootaxa 2099, pp. 1-188 : 163-164

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Patellapis (Chaetalictus) dispositina ( Cockerell 1934 )


Patellapis (Chaetalictus) dispositina ( Cockerell 1934)

Halictus dispositinus Cockerell, 1934: 114–115 .

( Figs. 116a–g View FIGURE 116 )

Diagnosis. The male is unknown. The female is characterised by the small body length, a densely punctate scutum, a finely serrate inner hind tibial spur and the margins of metasomal terga broadly translucent.


Female. Bl = 4,4–4,5mm. General habitus ( Fig. 116e View FIGURE 116 ). Head. L = 1,3–1,4mm; W = 1,4–1,5mm. Head about as wide as long ( Fig. 116a View FIGURE 116 ). Integument black except mandibles, malar area and clypeus sometimes partly reddish-brown. Face predominantly shiny and with loose, pallid yellowish and greyish, erect hairs. Mandibles bidentate. Clypeus and supraclypeal area convex in profile. Clypeus finely and sparsely punctate; surface shiny. Clypeoantennal distance 0,2–0,3mm. Supraclypeal area with a few well separated punctures; surface usually completely reticulate (sometimes finely and partly reticulate). Paraocular area sparsely punctate; surface extensively and strongly sculptured. Antennae brownish. Mesosoma. L = 0,8–0,9mm; W (ITS) = 1,0mm. Integument black. Scutum shiny; surface finely and extensively reticulate; disc densely punctate (i = d) ( Fig. 116b View FIGURE 116 ). Scutellum as illustrated in Fig. 116c View FIGURE 116 . Scutum, scutellum, metanotum, mesepisternum and propodeum with greyish and pallid brownish, erect hairs. Basal area of propodeum as illustrated in Fig. 116c View FIGURE 116 ; propodeum and marginal region of posterior truncation slightly shiny; surface completely reticulate. Wings. Hyaline. Legs. Integument reddish-brown. Vestiture mostly greyish. Ts finely serrate, with 6–7 small, oblique projections ( Fig. 116f View FIGURE 116 ). Bp as illustrated in Fig. 116g View FIGURE 116 . Metasoma. L = 2,4–2,5mm; W = 1,4–1,5mm. Integument brownish-black except the margins of T pallid brownish to pale; broadly translucent. No apical hair bands on metasomal terga. Prepygidial fimbria yellowish-brown. Metasomal terga as illustrated in Fig. 116d View FIGURE 116 .

Male. Unknown.

Type material ( 1 specimen). Holotype, female, Eastern Cape: Uitenhage , x.1930, Ckll. (white label), Halictus dispositinus Ckll. TYPE (handwritten white label), Pres. by Imp. Inst. Ent. B.M. 1934–223 (white label), Type (red-white label), B.M. TYPE HYM. 17.a.805 (white label), BMNH.

Additional material (23 specimens). 23♀. South Africa, Western Cape : 10♀, Mossel Bay , x.1933, leg. R . E. Turner, Brit. Mus. 1933–552, BMNH ; 1♀, idem., 31.x.1938, Brit. Mus. 1939–56, BMNH ; 2♀, 41 miles E Barrydale , 13.xi.1966, leg. C.D. Michener and J.G. Rozen, SEMC and AMNH ; 3♀, Worcester , ix.1928, leg. R . E. Turner, Brit. Mus. 1928–457, BMNH ; 1♀, idem., 03.–04.x.1928, leg. R . E. Turner, Brit. Mus. 1928–491, BMNH ; 1♀, idem., ix.–x.1931, Brit. Mus. 1931–528, BMNH ; Eastern Cape: 2♀, Uitenhage , 30.x.1931, leg. J. Ogilvie, BMNH ; 1♀, Hilton, Grahamstown , 18.x.1977, leg. F.W. Gess, AMGS ; 1♀, idem., 03.xi.1077, AMGS ; 1♀, 10 miles N Grahamstown , 20.xi.1966, leg. J.G. Rozen and D.J. Brothers, AMNH .

Distribution ( Fig. 119 View FIGURE 119 ). Recorded from the southern part of South Africa (Western Cape and Eastern Cape).

Floral visitation. Lasiospermum bipinnatum ( Asteraceae ).

Seasonal activity (first–last observations). ix–xi.


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Patellapis (Chaetalictus) dispositina ( Cockerell 1934 )

Timmermann, Kim & Kuhlmann, Michael 2009

Halictus dispositinus

Cockerell, T. D. A. 1934: 115