Catasticta abiseo Lamas & Bollino,

Lamas, Gerardo & Bollino, Maurizio, 2004, Revisional notes on the " amastris " group of Catasticta Butler, 1870 (Lepidoptera: Pieridae), with descriptions of new species and subspecies, Zootaxa 605, pp. 1-19: 10-11

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.158584

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Catasticta abiseo Lamas & Bollino

sp. n.

Catasticta abiseo Lamas & Bollino  , sp. n. (plate 1, figs. 9–10)

A medium­sized species. Female unknown. FW with slightly acute apex and scalloped outer margin indented at M 2 ­M 3; HW with outer margin strongly scalloped and slightly dentate anal lobe.

Holotype: male, Peru, San Martín, Parque Nacional Abiseo  , Huicungo, La Playa, 2480–2680 m, 24.VII. 1990 (M. Medina), in MUSM.

Description: FW length: 25 mm.

Dorsal surface: Ground color of both wings brown (PANTONE® DS 316 ­ 1 C), with a complete series of ochre (PANTONE® DS 311 ­ 6 C) discal, submarginal and marginal spots on FW. HW with postdiscal spots thick, different from those present in paucartambo  , and similar in pattern to those of vilcabamba  sp. n. Light discal band partially obscured by brownish scales.

Ventral surface: General pattern as in paucartambo  and vilcabamba  , but HW black line bordering marginal yellow lunules uniformly thick (in paucartambo  the black line is uniformly thick, while in vilcabamba  is thicker at the distal end of the yellow interneural submarginal stripes).

Female: Unknown.

Distribution: To the best of our knowledge, this species is restricted to its type locality, where it is sympatric with C. striata striata  . Even if C. abiseo  sp. n. is geographically widely separate from C. vilcabamba  , their close relationship is evidenced by their similar wing shape and HW ventral pattern. Future sampling along the Peruvian Andes at medium and high elevations may reveal the presence of other closely related species.