Zealochus stepheni Khalaim & Ward,

Khalaim, Andrey I. & Ward, Darren F., 2019, Tersilochinae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) from New Zealand. Part 2. Review of genera Kiwi gen. nov. and Zealochus Khalaim, Zootaxa 4613 (3), pp. 521-545: 541

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Zealochus stepheni Khalaim & Ward

sp. nov.

Zealochus stepheni Khalaim & Ward  , sp. nov.

( Figs 6View FIGURES 1–6, 17, 50–52View FIGURES 46–51View FIGURES 52–57, 66)

Comparison. The new species is very similar to Z. abdominosus  but differs from this species by darker colouration of head ( Figs 50–52View FIGURES 46–51View FIGURES 52–57), more slender antennal flagellum ( Fig. 50View FIGURES 46–51), longer distance between propodeal spiracle and pleural carina ( Fig. 52View FIGURES 52–57) and strongly upcurved ovipositor apex.

Description. Female. Body length 2.9 mm. Fore wing length 2.45 mm. Flagellum weakly clavate, with 15–16 flagellomeres (15 in holotype); subbasal flagellomeres 2.0–2.5× and subapical flagellomere 1.2–1.3× as long as broad. Foveate groove distinct, with short transverse wrinkles, long and usually reaching front margin of mesopleuron anteriorly ( Fig. 52View FIGURES 52–57). Propodeal spiracle separated from pleural carina by 1.0–2.0× diameter of spiracle. Fore wing with vein 2m-cu interstitial or slightly postfurcal ( Fig. 6View FIGURES 1–6). Ovipositor strongly upcurved apically ( Fig. 17View FIGURES 15–17); sheath 1.5–2.0× (2.0× in holotype) as long as hind tibia.

Head dark brown or brownish black; clypeus and lower part of gena next to mandible yellow; face usually yellowish or pale reddish brown ( Figs 50–52View FIGURES 46–51View FIGURES 52–57). Mandible yellow, teeth reddish black. Scape and pedicel of antenna yellow; flagellum entirely black, at most slightly paler basally ( Fig. 50View FIGURES 46–51). Mesosoma orange or reddish orange, propodeum and metapleuron usually slightly darker ( Fig. 55View FIGURES 52–57). Pterostigma brown. Legs yellow, hind coxa usually orangish, hind tibia and tarsus sometimes infuscate. Metasoma posterior to second tergite brownish or blackish dorsally.

Male. Flagellum very slender, filiform, with 16–18 flagellomeres; metasoma uniformly brown or dark brown. Otherwise similar to female.

Etymology. The new species is named after Stephen Thorpe, a New Zealand entomologist, and collector of a number of tersilochine specimens included in this study.

Material examined. Holotype  female (NZAC), North Island ,AK, St Heliers Dingle Dell, sweeping, 30.IV.2004, coll. J.A. Berry, NZAC04037683View Materials.

Paratypes. AK: 1 ♀ (NZAC) Waikowhai, Mt Roskill, reared in association with Zorion  sp. ( Cerambycidae  ) on Entelea arborescence  , 26.IX.2001, coll. G. Roskill. 1 ♀ (ZISP) same data as holotype. 1 ♂ (NZAC) Henderson, Opanuku Walkway at Chardon Place, foliage, 12.X.2005, coll. S.E. Thorpe. 1 ♀ (ZISP) Whatipu, coastal for- est, 19.XI.2009, coll. D. Ward [DNA]. 1 ♂ (ZISP) Huapai, Kauri forest, 20.XI.2009, coll. A.I. Khalaim. BP: 1 ♂ (AMNZ) Te Araroa, Tokata, 5 m, Manuka & Muehlenbeckla scrub around swamp, Yellow pan trap, 2–4.II.1993, coll. J.W. Early & R.C. Henderson. CL: 1 ♂ (NZAC) 19 km E of Tapu, 31.I.1981, coll. J.S. Noyes. 1 ♂ (AMNZ) Little Barrier Island, Summit Track, 335–549 m, 19.I.1983, coll. K.A.J. Wise. 1 ♀ (AMNZ) Cuvier Island, Radar Point Track, 100 m, in forest, Yellow pan trap, 29.III–5.IV.2000, coll. J.W. Early & R.F. Gilbert. 1 ♀ (AMNZ) Great Barrier Island, Mt Hobson, Malaise trap, 30.IV–14. VI.2003, coll. K. Parsons. HB: 1 ♀ (NZAC) Puketitiri, Little Bush, 21.II.1986, coll. T.H. & I.M. Davies. ND: 1 ♀ (AMNZ) Waipoua Forest, Yakas Track, 320 m, Agathis  forest, Screen sweep, 13.XI.2000, coll. J.W. Early & R.F. Gilbert. NN: 1 ♀ (NZAC) Nelson, 18.II.1929, coll. E.S. Gourlay. 2 ♀ (NZAC) Nelson, Botanical Hill, sweeping, 10.III.1972, coll. E.W. Valentine. WN: 1 ♂ (ZISP) Lower Hutt, Harbour View Res, Malaise trap, 3–8.XII.2002, coll. Schnitzer. 1 ♀ (ZISP) Wellington, Otari/Wilton Bush, Malaise trap, 6–12.XII.2002, coll. Schnitzer. 1 ♀ (NZAC) Wellington, Huntleigh Park, Malaise trap, 5–9.IV.2003, coll. Schnitzer. 1 ♀ (NZAC) Wellington, Karori Sanctuary, Malaise trap, 11–15.XII.2003, coll. Schnitzer. 1 ♀ and 1 ♂ (NZAC) Wellington, Maupuia Park, Malaise trap, 10–14.II.2004, coll. Schnitzer. BP or GB: 1 ♀ and 1 ♂ (ZISP) Te Koau, track to Hovell’s Watching Dog, 140–240 m, Puriri-nikau-ta waroa forest, Yellow pan trap, 31.I–4.II.1993, coll. J.W. Early. 1 ♀ and 1 ♂ (AMNZ) same data, but screen sweep.

Distribution. North Island (ND, AK, CL, BP, HB, WN), South Island (NN).

Biology. One female was reared in association with Zorion  sp. ( Cerambycidae  ) on Entelea arborescence  .