Soractellus jianfengensis, Xing, Ji-Chun & Li, Zi-Zhong, 2014

Xing, Ji-Chun & Li, Zi-Zhong, 2014, First record of the leafhopper genus Soractellus Evans, 1966 (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae) from China, with description of a new species, Zootaxa 3784 (3), pp. 297-300 : 299-300

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Soractellus jianfengensis

sp. nov.

Soractellus jianfengensis sp. nov.

Figs. 1 View FIGURES 1 – 3 –3,6– 14

Color pattern of anterior dorsum and face as in Figs. 1–3 View FIGURES 1 – 3 . Vertex with pair of small preapical brown spots. Eyes brownish black, fairly large. Antennae arising near lower corner of eye. Pronotum and scutellum yellowish-brown. Forewing yellowish-brown, 2.7 times as long as wide, apical cells with markings, veins yellowish-white. Hind wing with three apical cells, macropterous, with two anteapical cells, inner anteapical cell closed basally. Legs dark brown. Profemur with 2 dorsoapical setae, intercalary row with 10 setae, and row AV with several fine setae. Protibia with 12 macrosetae decreasing in length toward the base in row AV, and row AD with several short setae. Hind femur broadened distally and slightly bowed, apical setal formula 2 + 2 + 1. Hind tibia flattened and nearly straight, row PD with 10 macrosetae decreasing in length toward the base; row AD with 8 macrosetae interspersed by 2 to 4 small setae; metabasitarsomere with four platellae and two setae on apical transverse row, and one row of four stout setae at lateral margin.

External features as in generic description.

Male genitalia. Male pygofer side short, with many stout setae ( Fig. 6 View FIGURES 4 – 14 ). Valve large, triangular ( Fig. 7 View FIGURES 4 – 14 ). Subgenital with many fine setae at apex ( Fig. 8 View FIGURES 4 – 14 ). Aedeagal shaft elongate, apex forked, apical branches nearly 1 / 3 length of aedeagus, gradually attenuate in lateral view, gonopore near base of aedeagal shaft ( Figs. 9, 10 View FIGURES 4 – 14 ). Connective loop-shaped, stem absent, slightly longer than wide ( Fig. 11 View FIGURES 4 – 14 ). Style elongate, preapical lobe short ( Fig. 13 View FIGURES 4 – 14 ).

Female genitalia. Female seventh sternum concave medially on posterior margin ( Fig. 14 View FIGURES 4 – 14 ).

Measurement. Length (including tegmen): ♂, 2.3mm, ♀, 2.5–2.7mm.

Host. Grasses.

Type material. Holotype ♂, China: Hainan Prov., Ledong County, Jianfeng Twon, Jianfengling, 11 July 2007, coll. Jichun Xing ( GUGC). Paratypes: 1 ♀, same data as holotype; 2 ♀♀, Hainan Prov., Ledong County, Jianfeng Twon, Jianfengling, 11 July 2007, coll. Qiongzhang Song ( GUGC); 1 ♀, Hainan Prov., Ledong County, Jianfeng Twon, Jianfengling, 12 July 2007, coll. Bin Zhang ( GUGC).

Diagnosis. This new species is similar to Soractellus nigrominutus but the overall coloration is paler, the forewings are longer relative to the width, the valve is triangular, the apical branches of the aedeagal shaft are nearly 1 / 3 the total length of the aedeagus, the preapical lobe of the style is short and stout, and the shape of the connective and subgenital plate are also different.

Etymology. The species name is derived from the type locality Jianfeng.