Proselandria alvina (Konow, 1899b), 1912

Boeve, Jean-Luc, Dominguez, Diego F. & Smith, David R., 2018, Sawflies from northern Ecuador and a checklist for the country (Hymenoptera: Argidae, Orussidae, Pergidae, Tenthredinidae, Xiphydriidae), Journal of Hymenoptera Research 64, pp. 1-24 : 12-13

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Proselandria alvina (Konow, 1899b)


Proselandria alvina (Konow, 1899b) Fig. 19 View Figure 19


Estación científica Yasuní, 00°40'S, 076°27'W, 235m, 13.11.2016, on leaf of Anthurium sp., P4214.A, P4214.D (2 ♀) GoogleMaps , P4214.B, P4214.C, P4214.E, P4214.F (4 ♂), 00°36'S, 076°30'W, 240m, 14.11.2016, on fern, P4215.G (1 ♂), 00°40'S, 076°27'W, 250m, 15.11.2016, on leaf of Anthurium sp., P4221.A, P4221.C (2 ♀), on leaf of Melastomataceae, P4221.B (1 ♀), near rio Tiputini , 00°40'S, 076°24'W, 230m, 16.11.2016, on leaf of Heliconia sp., P4223.B (1 ♂), leg. J.-L. Boevé. GoogleMaps