Zoosphaerium piligerum (de Saussure & Zehntner, 1897)

Wesener, Thomas & Wägele, Johann-Wolfgang, 2008, The giant pill-millipedes of Madagascar: revision of the genus Zoosphaerium (Myriapoda, Diplopoda, Sphaerotheriida), Zoosystema 30 (1), pp. 5-85 : 7

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.5391729

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Zoosphaerium piligerum


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SPECIES INCLUDED. — Zoosphaerium piligerum (de Saussure & Zehntner, 1897) .

DISTRIBUTION. — Unclear, since most species are undescribed.

DIAGNOSIS. — This species group is still monotypic. Several undescribed species close to Z. piligerum were discovered, justifying the establishment of this species-group. The third joint of posterior telopods is slim and strongly elongated ( Fig. 34J View FIG ). Process of second joint is long, slender and curved towards the third joint ( Fig. 34K View FIG ). Similarities can also be found on the anterior telopods ( Fig. 34 View FIG G-I). A phylogenetic analysis will be necessary to confirm if the piligerum -group represents a monophyletic group to be kept separately from the other Malagasy sphaerotheriids.

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