Cazierius garridoi Armas, 2005,

de Armas, Luis F., 2020, Scorpions of Puerto Rico and its satellite islands (Scorpiones: Buthidae, Diplocentridae): an аnnotated list, key for genera, and bibliography, Euscorpius 311, pp. 1-8: 5

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Cazierius garridoi Armas, 2005


Cazierius garridoi Armas, 2005  .

DISTRIBUTION. Mona Island. This species was erroneously described from Puerto Rico: Cordillera Central: Cerro de Puntas, but Armas (2006) emended this mistake. It was also described by Santiago-Blay (2009) as Cazierius tatae  , but synonymized by Armas (2006). In their study on the scorpion fauna of Mona Island, Teruel et al. (2017) provided additional data on its natural history an also suggested that this species might be a junior synonym of Cazierius cicero (Armas & Marcano Fondeur, 1987)  from the Dominican Republic.