Nephrolepis x averyi Nauman,

Hovenkamp PH & Miyamoto F, 2005, A conspectus of the native and naturalized species of Nephrolepis (Nephrolepidaceae) in the world, Blumea 50, pp. 279-322: 312

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Nephrolepis x averyi Nauman


21. Nephrolepis x averyi Nauman 

Nephrolepis x averyi Nauman (1979b) 69  . - Type: Nauman et al. 635 (holo US n.v.; iso A), Florida. 

= Nephrolepis biserrata  × N. exaltata  , intermediate between the putative parents.

Distribution - Largely Caribbean: Florida, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Mexico. Habitat & Ecology - In forested, often moist habitats or in disturbed relatively dry habitats, at sea level to middle elevations (520 m).

Note - Only found in mixed populations of the parent species.