Sarcophaga (Heteronychia) belanovskyi (Verves, 1973),

Whitmore, Daniel, 2011, New taxonomic and nomenclatural data on Sarcophaga (Heteronychia) (Diptera: Sarcophagidae), with description of six new species, Zootaxa 2778, pp. 1-57: 19

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Sarcophaga (Heteronychia) belanovskyi (Verves, 1973)


Sarcophaga (Heteronychia) belanovskyi (Verves, 1973)  , revived stat.

( Figs 47–48View FIGURES 42 – 53. 42)

Heteronychia (Heteronychia) belanovskyi Verves, 1973: 946  . Type locality: Ukraine, Zaporozhye Region, environs of Berdyansk [not Zhdanov, as reported by Verves (1986) and Pape (1996)].

Heteronychia (Heteronychia) povolnyi Mihályi, 1975: 104  , syn. nov.

Type material examined. Heteronychia (Heteronychia) povolnyi  : Holotype 3: Budapest / Csillebérc // 1957. IX. 7 / leg. Mihályi // rét // Heteronychia  / (s. str.) sp. nova! / Det. B. Rohdendorf // Holotypus / Heteronychia  / povolnyi  / Mihalyi ( HNHM) [severely damaged: both wings and all legs missing except right fore leg; epandrium and terminalia included in Canada balsam in a small slide pinned beneath the source specimen, rest of abdomen missing].

Additional material examined. Georgia: Abkhazia, Suchum, 13.VI. 1932, B. Rohdendorf leg., 1 3 ( ZIN, as “ ancilla  ”, see Rohdendorf 1937: 356, figs 483–484). Hungary: Budapest, Sashegy, leg. Povolný, 2 3 ( MMBC, as “ Heteronychia ancilla  ”); Kiskunság National Park, 23.VIII. 1986, 1 3 ( ZMUC); Kalocsa, Thalhammer leg., 2 3 ( SMF, Böttcher collection). Italy: Abruzzi, L’Aquila prov., Anversa degli Abruzzi, M.te Mezzana, Bocca Mezzana, 1475–1548m, 29.VII. 1997, P. Cerretti leg., 1 3 (CNBFVR); Latium, Castelporziano, IX. 1938, G. Saccà leg., 1 3 ( MZUR, as “ ancilla  ”); Lombardy, Brescia prov., Serle, Villa, 550m, 15.VIII. 2005, D. Avesani leg., 1 3 (CNB- FVR). Romania: Bucharest, Montandon leg., 1 3 ( SMF, Böttcher collection). Serbia: Topcider, 3.V. 1924, N. Baranov leg., 1 3 ( USNM). Ukraine: Odesa region, Ismail district, Suvorove, VIII. 2003, Y. Protzenko leg., 1 3 ( YVC, as “ Heteronychia ancilla  ”).

Remarks. Heteronychia belanovskyi  was described based on the holotype 3 and 14 male paratypes, all deposited in the Zoological Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Science, Kiev (Verves 1973: 946–947). I was not able to examine any of the type specimens, but the original description and illustrations are sufficiently detailed for H. belanovskyi  to be considered a senior synonym of H. povolnyi  .

Shortly after describing Heteronychia povolnyi, Mihályi (1979 a)  synonymized both the latter and Heteronychia belanovskyi  with Heteronychia ancilla  . However, Sarcophaga (H.) belanovskyi  should be considered a valid species as it differs from S. (H.) ancilla  by several features: usually larger size (5–6mm vs. 4–5mm); entirely or partly red epandrium (shiny black in S. ancilla  ); cercus often with a sharply pointed tip (blunter in S. ancilla  ); distiphallus ( Fig. 47View FIGURES 42 – 53. 42): proximal part of harpes rounded, bulging; apical process of harpes much shorter than in S. ancilla  ; juxta wider in apical view ( Fig. 48View FIGURES 42 – 53. 42). Sarcophaga (H.) belanovskyi  is possibly more closely related to S. (H.) armeniaca ( Rohdendorf, 1937)  than it is to S. (H.) ancilla  . Povolný (1996: 106) suggested that S. (H.) armeniaca  and S. (H.) ancilla  are conspecific, but this synonymy is not supported by the morphology of the material examined.


Hungarian Natural History Museum (Termeszettudomanyi Muzeum)


Russian Academy of Sciences, Zoological Institute, Zoological Museum


Moravske Muzeum [Moravian Museum]


Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen


Forschungsinstitut und Natur-Museum Senckenberg


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Sarcophaga (Heteronychia) belanovskyi (Verves, 1973)

Whitmore, Daniel 2011

Heteronychia (Heteronychia) povolnyi Mihályi, 1975 : 104

Mihalyi 1975: 104