Agrimonia eupatoria, L.

I. Klášterský, 1968, 10. Rosa L., Flora Europaea, Volume 2, Rosaceae to Umbelliferae, Cambrdige: Cambridge University Press, pp. 35-42: 32

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Agrimonia eupatoria


2. A. eupatoria L.   ,

Sp. PL 448 (1753).

Stem 15-150 cm, with both long patent, and short flexuous, eglandular hairs. Basal leaves often in a rosette and basal internodes short. Leaves with 3-6 pairs of main leaflets and 2-3 smaller pairs in between; leaflets serrate or crenulate almost to the base, dark green above, whitish- or greyish-tomentose beneath, with glandular hairs; stomata (21-)23-25(-27) /t. Pedicels at maturity 1-3 mm; lower bracts trilobed. Petals (3-)4-5(-6) mm, golden yellow, obovate, usually not emarginate. Mature hypanthium obconical to turbinate, deeply and narrowly grooved for at least l of its length, and with many eglandular, appressed hairs; the inner bristles erect, the outer ascending, patent or deflexed. Almost throughout Europe except the extreme north. All except Cr Fa Is Sb.