Plumolepilius longinoi Barrios-Izás & Anderson, 2016

Barrios-Izás, Manuel A., Anderson, Robert S. & Morrone, Juan J., 2016, A taxonomic monograph of the leaf-litter inhabiting weevil genus Plumolepilius new genus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Molytinae: Conotrachelini) from Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador, Zootaxa 4168 (1), pp. 61-91 : 76-78

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Plumolepilius longinoi Barrios-Izás & Anderson

new species

Plumolepilius longinoi Barrios-Izás & Anderson , new species

( Figs. 37–43 View FIGURES 37 – 43 , 76, 85 View FIGURES 72 – 89 , 94 View FIGURES 90 – 98 , 100 View FIGURE 100 )

Diagnosis. Male. Length (1.70–2.30 mm). Width (1.10–1.50 mm). As P. branstetteri but rostrum not humped.

Elytra margins subparallel to declivity, tubercles at the base of declivity slightly compressed, flanks not acuteangulate with the dorsum, humeral projections rounded. Abdominal ventrite 5 apex with two protuberances, lacking tufts of setae. Femora unarmed. Pedon gradually widening to the apex and forming a lobule, median foramen as a wide groove, apodeme length variable from 2x to 3x longer than pedon. Posterior genital sclerite sting-shaped, anterior genital sclerite with a basal ring and two prominent processes.

Female: Length (1.80–2.25 mm). Width (1.10–1.30 mm). Elytra tuberculate, tubercles almost as large as in males, humeri rounded.

Geographic distribution. Guatemala (Huehuetenango, Quetzaltenango, Quiche) and Mexico (Chiapas). Fig. 100 View FIGURE 100 .

Derivation of the specific name. Patronym, named after John T. (Jack) Longino, a myrmecologist at the University of Utah.

Material examined. 24ƋƋ, 19♀♀ (ASUHIC, BMNH, CMNC, CWOB, ECOS, USAC, USNM). Holotype Ƌ ( CMNC): GUATEMALA : Quiche, 3km S Joya Larga , 15.40538°N 90.83805°W, 2350m, 15.IX.2008, oak/cloud forest, ex sifted leaf litter, R. S. Anderson, RSA 2008-123 View Materials / WWD0028421 / Holotype Ƌ Plumolepilius longinoi Barrios-Izás & Anderson sp. nov. Aedeagus extracted GoogleMaps . Paratypes: same data as holotype / WWD0028410 (1♀ USAC) GoogleMaps . WWD0028426 (1♀ CMNC). WWWD0028434 (1Ƌ CMNC). WWWD0028440 (1Ƌ USAC). WWWD0028790 (1♀ CMNC). WWWD 0028794 (1♀ CNMC). GUATEMALA : Huehuetenango. Max , oak/cloud forest, 15.50673°N 91.644473°W, 2750m, 14.IX.2008, ex sifted leaf litter, R.S. Anderson RSA 2008 GoogleMaps -119 / WWD0023394 (1Ƌ CWOB). WWWD0023407 (1♀ CWOB). WWD0023497 (1Ƌ USNM). WWD0023573 (1Ƌ CMNC). WWD0023580 (1Ƌ BMNH). WWWD0027814 (1♀ USNM). WWWD0027990 (1♀ CNMC). WWD0027997 (1Ƌ CMNC). WWD0028023 (1Ƌ CNMC). WWWD0028041 (1♀ ASUHIC). WWD0028145 (1Ƌ ASUHIC). GUATEMALA : Huehuetenango, Max , 4.4km W Todos Santos, 2800m, 15.50665°N –91.64471°W, 14 Sept 2008, M.G. Branstetter, oak/cloud forest litter, MGB-949 (1♀ CNMC). GUATEMALA: HUEHUETEN. 4.4km W Todos Santos , 15.50665 -91.64471 ± 20m, 2800m, 14.IX.2008, cloud forest leaf litter, M.G.Branstetter # MGB 949 View Materials / WWD0093303 (1Ƌ CMNC) . WWD0093304 (1Ƌ CMNC). WWWD 0093305 (1♀ CNMC). GUATEMALA : Huehuetenango. above Bojonal , 15.53697°N 91.98158°W, 2350m, 16.IX.2008, oak/ alder/pine forest, ex sifted leaf litter, R. S. Anderson RSA 2008 GoogleMaps -127 WWD0030216 (1Ƌ CNMC). WWD0030218 (1Ƌ CMNC). WWD0030228 (1♀ CMNC). WWD0030230 (1Ƌ CMNC). WWD0030232 (1Ƌ CMNC) / EMB28. GUATEMALA : Huehuetenango, La Libertad , Los Planes, 2997m. 15.50957N, 91.91553W, 25.VI.2009, F. Camposeco, 2009-302, winkler funnels, leaf litter / WWD0072881 (1♀, CMNC) GoogleMaps . GUAT. : QUEZALTEN. 12km. S.E. Zunil, Fuentes Georginas , 2560m, 19.VI.1993, R.Anderson, cloud for.-bamboo litter, 93-6A (2ƋƋ 1♀ CNMC) . Same data except for 2450m, cloud for. litter, 93-5 (1Ƌ CMNC). Same data except for 2560m, 93-6 (3♀♀ CMNC). Same data except for 2700m, 20.VI.1993, hardwood for. litter, 93-8 (1Ƌ CMNC) . Same data except for 2460m, 21.VI.1993, cloud for. litter, 93-10 (2ƋƋ CMNC) . Same data except for 2460m, 27.VI.1991, cloud forest litter, 91-29 (1Ƌ CMNC). GUATEMALA : Quetzaltenango, Fuentes Georginas , 14.74889 91.48057 2450m, 13.IX.2008, cloud forest ex sifted leaf litter, R.S. Anderson RSA 2008 - 118 / WWD0023309 (1♀ CMNC). GUATEMALA : Quiche, Joya Larga , 15.41997°N 90.83630°W, 2025m, 15.IX.2008, oak/cloud forest, ex sifted leaf litter, R. S. Anderson, RSA 2008 GoogleMaps -124 / WWWD0028864 (1♀ CNMC). WWD0028865 (1Ƌ CMNC). MEXICO : Chiapas, Volcan Tacana , lower slopes, ca. 4km. N.Union Juarez, 2000m, 20.IX.1992, R.S.Anderson, 92-111, cloud forest litter (1♀, CMNC) .


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