Acarospora rosulata (Th. Fr.) H. Magn.

Sokoloff, Paul C., Freebury, Colin E., Hamilton, Paul B. & Saarela, Jeffery M., 2016, The " Martian " flora: new collections of vascular plants, lichens, fungi, algae, and cyanobacteria from the Mars Desert Research Station, Utah, Biodiversity Data Journal 4, pp. 8176-8176: 8176

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Acarospora rosulata (Th. Fr.) H. Magn.


Acarospora rosulata (Th. Fr.) H. Magn.  


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: recordNumber: 303; recordedBy: Sokoloff, Paul C.; Taxon: scientificName: Acarosporarosulata (Th. Fr.) H. Magn.; kingdom: Fungi; phylum: Ascomycota; class: Lecanoromycetes; order: Acarosporales; family: Acarosporaceae; genus: Acarospora; specificEpithet: rosulata; taxonRank: Species; scientificNameAuthorship: (Th. Fr.) H. Magn.; Location: continent: North America; country: United States of America; countryCode: USA; stateProvince: Utah; county: Wayne County; municipality: Hanksville; locality: Mars Desert Research Station ; verbatimLocality: Alluvial plain and dry creekbed directly opposite turnoff to Mars Desert Research Station on Cow Dung Road; verbatimElevation: 1357 m; verbatimLatitude: 38°24'19.2"N; verbatimLongitude: 110°47'20"W; coordinateUncertaintyInMeters: 50; Identification: identifiedBy: Freebury, Colin E.; dateIdentified: 2015; identificationReferences: Knudsen et al. (2010); Event: verbatimEventDate: November 24, 2014; habitat: Sandstone rubble on sandy plain; Record Level: institutionID: CMN; collectionID: CANL 127968; collectionCode: CANL; basisOfRecord: Preserved Specimen GoogleMaps  


Medulla KC+ pink, C+ pink (gyrophoric acid); on limestone. Acarospora rosulata   has been previously reported from Utah as Acarospora bullata   by Newberry and St. Clair (1991) (Sevier County), Leavitt and St. Clair (2008) (Wayne County) and Knudsen et al. (2010) (San Juan County and Sevier County).

Supplemental File: CANL 127968 (Suppl. material 2).