Atlasacris Rehn, 1914

Massa, Bruno, 2015, New genera, species and records of Phaneropterinae (Orthoptera, Phaneropteridae) from sub-Saharan Africa, ZooKeys 472, pp. 77-102: 85

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Atlasacris Rehn, 1914


Taxon classification Animalia Orthoptera Phaneropteridae

Genus Atlasacris Rehn, 1914  


The genus is characterized by fastigium of vertex compressed, narrower than first antennal segment, eyes circular, prominent, pronotum markedly selliform with posterior part of lateral lobes strongly inflated, surface smooth and matt, fore coxae may be armed with a small spine or not, femora unarmed, fore tibiae with open tympana on each side, fore wings reduced to short lobes, hind wings vestigial. The male mid tibiae have a much enlarged and up-curved ventral spur, its first tarsal segment is greatly enlarged, more than twice as that of fore legs, the female has not the inflated pronotum and is lacking spurs on mid tarsi ( Rehn 1914, Ragge 1980).