Psychomyia dabudettak, Malicky & Ivanov & Melnitsky, 2020

Malicky, Hans, Ivanov, Vladimir D. & Melnitsky, Stanislav I., 2020, New Caddisflies (Insecta, Trichoptera) from the Krabi and Phang Nga Provinces southern Thailand, Zootaxa 4729 (3), pp. 401-415: 405-406

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Psychomyia dabudettak

new species

Psychomyia dabudettak   , new species ( Fig. 4 View FIGURE 4 A–4D)

Holotype: male. Wings and body yellow-brown, length of each forewing 2.5 mm.

Male genitalia.Anterolateral margins of segment IX in lateral view round. Dorsal complex including segment X and superior appendages short; in dorsal view shaped as bird heads with elongate, acute, projecting beaks directed mesad; with numerous setae along internal margins. Inferior appendages each with 3 branches: (1) larger, finger-like ventrolateral branch directed downwards; (2, 3) two narrow dorsomesal branches curved downward; branches of opposing inferior appendages acute and asymmetrical as shown on Fig. 4C View FIGURE 4 . Phallus with 2 subapical lobes aligned successively on the ventral midline.

Diagnosis. Male genitalia of this species are similar to those of P. amor Malicky & Chantaramongkol 1997   , P. amphiaraos Malicky & Chantaramongkol 1997   , P. sinon Malicky & Prommi 2006   , and P. kalais Malicky 2004   with superior appendages mimicking bird’s heads in dorsal or ventral views. The new species differs from all of them in the peculiar asymmetrical design of the inferior appendages, also in the larger ventral, subapical lobes of the phallus (small in P. amphiaraos   , absent in P. amor   , P. sinon   , and P. kalais   ). Superior appendages of the new species have no basal teeth visible from above whereas these teeth are present in P. kalais   , P. amor   , and P. amphiaraos   ; the basal parts of the superior appendages in P. sinon   also have no teeth, but superior appendages in the new species are more slender, without basal dilations.

Holotype: THAILAND, Krabi Province, 18 km N from Krabi, waterfall, 08º14’21”N, 98º55’17”E, height 320 m, UV light traps, 31 January 2014, leg. Melnitsky, Ivanov. (Locality 4) GoogleMaps  

Distribution. Thailand (known only from type locality).

Etymology. An indeclinable name with gender agreement irrelevant, from the Russian da budet tak (let it be so).


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