Lepturges (Lepturges) attaleae, Monné & Monné, 2017

Monné, Marcela L. & Monné, Miguel A., 2017, New species of Neotropical Acanthocinini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae), Zootaxa 4299 (2), pp. 253-262: 260-261

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Lepturges (Lepturges) attaleae

sp. nov.

Lepturges (Lepturges) attaleae   sp. nov.

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Description. Male. Integument uniformly testaceus, pubescence fine, uniform, pale, depressed. Head with front slightly convex, genae 1/2 shorter than lower eye lobe, upper lobes well separated by two times de width of a lobe. Antennae surpassing elytral apices by about five antennomeres, with sparse bristles in the ventral surface.

Prothorax broader than long; pronotum feebly convex, disk with two moderate protuberances each side of median line, that is depressed and with sparse punctures. A depressed area parallel to posterior margin with moderate coarse punctures. Prosternal process 1/3 of width of procoxae; mesosternal process with same width of mesocoxae. Scutellum rounded behind. Elytra a little more than twice as long as humeral broad; apices broadly rounded. Elytral surface with punctures coarse, dense, obsolete at apex.

Apical sternite rounded at apex; apical ventrite slightly emarginated. Legs stout, femora pedunculate, basal metatarsomere 3/4 of the following two together.

Female. Antennae surpassing elytral apices by about three antennomeres; apical sternite rounded at apex; apical ventrite emarginate.

Etymology. The species is named after the flowers of Attalea   were they were founded.

Measurements (mm), male/female. Total length, 5.8–7.8; 7.5–10.0; prothorax length, 1.0–1.4; 1.2–1.5; prothorax width,1.3–2.0; 2.0–3.0; elytral length, 4.0–5.5; 5.2–7.3; humeral width, 1.8–2.4; 2.2–3.2.

Type material. Holotype male, paratypes: 7 males and 3 females, all with same data. BRASIL, Bahia: Dias d’Ávila , 7.II.1976, J. Becker col., in flowers of Attalea funifera Martius   ( Arecaceae   ). ( MNRJ).  

Comments. Lepturges (L.) attaleae   sp.nov. belongs to a restricted group of species with the integument unicolor   , dark brown, testaceous or brownish and uniform pubescence, yellowish, brownish or greyish fulvous. Distributed in North, Central and South America, the species of this group with yellowish integument and sparse pubescence are very similar and difficult to identify.


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